Computer thrown out the window

Oh yes, there are times that I feel that if the computer was not so expensive that I would throw it out the window.  I want it to do stuff and it does not compute in my language.  It stares at me like it wants to say nanna boo boo like an expert making fun of someone who does not understand.  I do not understand.  The idea is below and I want to place it on another page and it would not go no matter how I tried the cut and paste.

Sometimes I would love to just go back and erase the mess I wrote like I did in the olden days.  Yes typewriters that did not even use electricity worked just fine for me but you had to hand write many times to get it there, well sometimes.

But I am reminded today with a movie I saw that Heavenly Father made me as a masterpiece and I am Okay.  Yes I am not perfect.  I do not walk on water, but I strive to be my best and I strongly feel that Heavenly Father will do the rest.

The other day I was watching a show about how a man just imagine what he would do and got the skills.  Then he did it and later on he made millions of dollars.  I guess that money does not create happiness but to do what you want and help people jumps into the warm water of goodness.  This goodness becomes sunshine and we glow and others want that glow.  That is what will make us great and our country great.

Today I worked on some more Leather projects and that is how you become some say to become a master by keep trying over and over.   Have a great smile-ly day.

Most important remember you are important and are suppose to be here.  If there is stress imagine that you are throwing a cream pie at someone.  You will laugh so hard that you will forget and forgive that person.

We all need to exercise but don’t throw the computer it is to expensive and besides there is some young kid around that can communicate the language of that monster computer.  I was told as a child a good advice: smile and let your teeth breathe.  LOL







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