The Son

Today I watched a show and can not remember the name but the message was so great.  A old man was told his son came up missing in war.  A great sadness overcame the man.  On Christmas a knock on the door.

A man stated that he was an artist and wanted to give the old man a painting and when uncovered it was a picture of his son.  The artist knew the old man’s son.  Oh, I will put it over my fire place.

The old man later died and his estate had many famous paintings.  The lawyer saw there was many people came for the auction. First was the son’s picture and no one wanted it.  But there was an old man who said, ” I only have ten dollars.  But I would love to have it. I knew the son”  The guy said ten dollars  going once..going twice.. Sold.  End of auction.  The other people were hollering.  The lawyer stated  the one who bought the son’s painting would get it all.

What a great humility story.

Game: learned this in training in cub scouts leadership.  The children walk around stating Beep Beep and keep saying Beep.  One child walks around blindfolded trying to catch the beepers.  Each one who is touched is out.

Recipe: a cheese roll up: one part cheddar cheese.. grated up and two parts mozzarella grated up.  Warm a tortilla on a grill and when golden turn over and put about two heaping tablespoons of cheese mixture spread on top. Let the mix melt and yum.

Words of wisdom: Just remember each of us is a masterpiece of the Master.  You are here for a reason.

We are never stupid.  We are a great art piece.  Finding our talents many take many years. But do not give up.  It is worth it.

Raising children: may seem you want to hide from them but they are a music piece.  Listen to their words and they so gently speak volumes.  They will show the way through the darkness.  One gives a flower or another gives you an art piece of stick figures.  The simple love.  Yes that is the great advice to any mom.

Sit them on your lap and listen even if it is just cooing.  Their eyes tell the story of their great heart.  Have a great eve or morn when you read.  It is a great day to be alive.

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