Some days you can plan what you will do; but somehow no matter what you do nothing works out.  I made two batches of cookies and they each one spread like an ice cube melted.  Oh well, like my friend stated life happens.

Never thought pears and pork chop would be good but I seared the chops and placed the sliced pears in the oven.  afterwords I placed the pears on top and that was so good.

Game:  I like to sometimes when there is extra time with the children I watch play a guessing game.  I started it out by acting like an animal, movie, or person (all according to their age).  Then the children guess what it is and who guesses gets to make up something or I help them according to their age.  You would not guess what animal was  the hardest one: the bat.

I did manage to finish a tie dyed bag but I had to take it out a few times not understanding how to put the pocket on the inside.

My poor husband lost his electric bill money and when he went to teach an electronic class for Boy Scouts they all ready had that class.  How funny.

Words of wisdom: Zechariah chapter one: Turn unto me  {Heavenly Father) and I will turn unto you. I was thinking about fear.  How sometimes fear, the point of failure, can lead us if we if choose the right.  Everything can be falling around us but if we keep the faith all will be okay.  It is okay to try and fail but we need to dust our self off and start again.

Who knew I am challenging myself to sing a solo.  I can not tell you how many years ago I did one.  It was an accident: my friend  and I were going to sing together but we were both grounded for some reason.  I was not really a bad kid just high strong against a Marine.

Hope all is well with who reads and later I will learn how to put pictures in my site and who knows I might learn how to use this crazy commuter.  Have fun and enjoy your life.  Someone is always watching so smile and encourage someone.

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