Spring in the shadows

There was a military man looking sad at a eating place so I started talking to him and of course thanking him for serving our country.  Not sure why but I just gibbering on and on how people do not communicate any more.  I told him how I  went to visit someone and they were on their phone more than they visited me.  I almost felt that I should have stayed home.

Oh yes, he later stated he had some children through his wife and  how many talk about the bad twos but I say to them then you have not met the twelve and thirteens.  And he agreed. After I ate my meal I started my video of cartoons.  I heard him getting up in the background and a little giggle.  I was not sure if that was that I was using a electrical gadget or watching a cartoon.

Parenting: by experience I found make sure you spend time with each.The time is well spent.  Sometimes we as parents learn this concept to late.   Reading is so special.  Cooking night is also fun.  I remember having my children wash dishes.  There was a huge mess afterwards but I had fun even the mess I had to clean up.

Reading game for children.  let them follow while you read.  The time we stop they point at the word.

Potato candy: one pound of powdered sugar and one tiny potato.  I use crunchy peanut butter.  Cook the potato by boiling and peel it.  mash sugar and potato together.  Roll it out like a jelly roll.  Smear the peanut butter on the potato pancake.  Roll like a cinnamon  roll and cut tiny pieces.

One Hope is “good works will carry more weight than words you might speak. Walk in virtue and truth”  By Gordon B. Hinckley.  I think about good works and more people are watching than we realize.  I remember one time I was sending my year book for people to sign and then one had stated that she liked my poems.  She was looking over my shoulder while the math at that time was to me boring.  Oh, well we leave a piece of our self to who we come in contact.  Wow, that means I have so many pieces of me all over the place.  Can any one put a more than a thousand word puzzle together?

I say spring in the shadows because you never know who will pop up like a bud and meet you and have an affect on you and you may have helped them on the way on their adventure.  Have a great eve.





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