Mom: crazy day

Ouch, ouch, as I step on some tiny toys left on the floor.  Did not know they were left on the floor. It was late. I started to dance as the tiny sharp points of the toys pinched my feet. Making sure everyone was in bed and a good night kiss.

Christmas came and the directions for one of the toys came only in Japanese.

Family was coming over. Four extra people plus my five.  Oh yes I planned it all three pies, mash potatoes, sweet potato pie, corn,  big turkey, dressing, green salad, watergate salad.  I started in the morning and all was going to be ready at one.

Could you smell the pumpkin pie; then the Lemon aroma peeked its scent, Pecan pie and its sweetness. Oh no I can not forget the turkey.  I buttered it well with all the spices and my hand was so buttery that I forgot and and smeared it on my clothes.  Later started boiling the potatoes.

I did not know at that time I could have made the pies the day before and the salads.  Also, did not know that the turkey could be slowly cooked in the oven during the night.

Did not know that I could ask family to bring something.  I tried to do it all.

Everyone seem to enjoy the meal.  But what a mess.  I was so tired.  Dirty dishes everywhere.

Now I give a message to you do not plan to do everything in one day.  Let others help.  Cookies can be frozen, even pies can be frozen.  Salad for greens do need to be fresh.  Turkey can be cook the night or day before the date.

Make lists and double check the lists.  Can also gather decorations year by year and keep at a central location.  I thought that gathering decorations was a great idea.  Even buy in bulk. Try different recipes to find the best. I wanted to do my best but I worked so hard that I felled to visit my family and I can not take that back.

Children are small only once and to loose any moment seems a crime.  I would have messed my child handing me a flower and stating that he loved me or other children smiling at me as I read to them if I do not pay attention to what I do with my time that  togetherness is gone forever.

Friends and family are important.

Wisdom:  We have a chance to be a good example and help the wrongs to change evilness.  When we learn to listen to advice and really listen we advance from knowledge to wisdom.  Have a great day and be joyful for each day is a step for wisdom.


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