Touch of color

Yes in nature there is so much color that it takes one person hours to comprehend. Each day the sun rise and sunset is always different.  Every snowflake is magnificently with corners different.  What are the odds that you will find the same… no… and even twins are different.   Every flower that dances with the wind is another step in Heavenly Father’s creation.  Wow..

I discovered something one day as I was working with some children.  I cut some colored construction paper.  I placed them on white paper.  I accidentally dropped some water on the paper.  Wow, I  some time later found color fade onto the white paper.

Craft: You either cut different shapes or let the children cut them depending on age.   Each child places the shape into some water and then set them on white paper.  Then let the construction paper dry on the white paper.  Color and color  is all over.

Wisdom: color is all over.  Words can be colorful.  But remember language can be used many ways: good or bad. Like the game, telephone, the true words said  at the beginning after said by many people looses its true value, meaning and often times the whole sentences are totally gone.

The internet is like a telephone game.  Just because it is in print does not mean it is true.  Sometimes people add to what they hear. Do not take it serious.  Take a dose of joy everyday by helping others. A bit of kindness goes a long way.

This is a coin purse that I made.  This is a something my mom taught me.  Even though she is gone her memory is forever.

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