Gifts of wisdom



I often look for words of wisdom to be of help for my adventure in this life.  Then I like to pass them on to help others:

Don’t let the prayer hands get dusty.

Today is a gift.

There are no accidents in this life.  Everything happens for a reason.

There is always answers to all questions.

As the stars flicker into the night so does goodness into an evil world.  It brings light and guides us from dangerous rocks in life.

Past is the past, just learn from it. Do not dwell on it.

Blindness can be more than from a blind person.  Some just can not see what is right before them and takes it for granted.  Then it is too late.

Art is a culture of color molded from feeling.  Feelings can be used positive and negative.  To grow we use the  positive to believe the impossible.

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