races from Scouts

pg 206: grasshopper relay: Relay teams line up single file.  The first player in each team holds a beanbag or ball firmly between his knees.  At signal, he hops to goal line and back to the starting line.   Team  to finish first wins.

Wisdom:Hug someone or say thank you today.

Make small bags that are themed by schools.  I am making a purse that is yellow and black for one of the schools near by my neighborhood.P1010200b

Leather: you can make theme leather bands for loved ones or you can ask me and for a small price I can make one.  I have put names on them and put themes on them for others.

Organization ideas: pressing for time with children or a home business: after every 45 min. take 15 min and work on unloading dishwasher or loading.  During that 15 min time if you have children have them play a game or watch tv show.

Poem:  Make the time to smell the roses and see the clouds.  Make sure you seek the truth because it glows within the darkness and darkness never wins only the light (goodness); The green grass is never greener on the other side; it is only an illusion that is not better.  The grass on the other side will only lead into heartache.


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