As we watch different heroes on the television or we call someone that is actor or actress.  Maybe even a singer could somehow be a hero to us.

A real hero is an honest person working hard, help others without fame or recognition.  Standing for justice is on a vain meaning.  We do need more Washingtons and Lincolns but where are they?

As we celebrate Easter and its true meaning this all be heroes. We help in secret with clothes and food at peoples doorsteps.  We choose to buy someone’s meal in the drive through or in a store.  Make someone believe there is still goodness and something positive in their life.001e

Changing hats by being better than we were yesterday gives us an advantage because the more we change for the better the more we can conquer the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Oh by the way I do sell hats too.  Today I was crocheting bags today.  Hope everyone has a nice day.  Thank you for reading.

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