Stormy Weather

Wisdom: We can travel down a road any way, time, date or  place.  We do not know what will be the future but fear will only control us and not give us freedom to grow.

Storms can happen and to learn how to keep your self safe is very wise.  I learned that at night if you are cold ware a hat and clean socks.

Story: There is a place beyond our universe who stands for justice.   They travel through time to keep justice and the time line balanced.  The Protonians with their pink grass  and Cap’s father Abendgo who married an Earthling will fight the Daytons to keep peace.

Abendgo must convince his elders that his bride to be should come to Proton.  But they say it is forbidden to marry an Earthling.  What Abendgo asks may change the course of time and balance of the universe.  With Cap and all her talents can she stop the evil that is about to happen.  Her ship is being attacked.   (See what happens next)

Game:   Fill the Basket  Equipment: A pail or a larger basket; as many balls as possible.  Formation : Scatter  The leader has the basket and endeavors to keep keep it empty, throwing the balls as far away as possible.  The Cubs do their best to fill the basket.  See who wins at the end of five minutes.    Out of the book Pow wow Shining Star: Nov. 3, 2001 pg.338

Recipe:   Chocolate chips, peanuts, cin. marshmallows.  Melt chips and add nuts cin. and marshmallows.  Drop into cup cake holders and let set.

Have a good day.

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