Proton: Story

      1. -Indian chief with his son sits upon a mountain watching the sun rising: The chief states: “Son never forget the Great Spirit is always watching.” The great golden sun appears with some crimson layers divided with the snow white puffy clouds.


“Report:” The call came from the base from the Planet Proton.

I am Zonna Layloot-Itter of Star-ship Estaria.

”Message date 49500 We the Protonian Judges make this our statement to all of our people of Proton The reference 2290 time (Earthlings date 1980)

Because Earthlings as a whole have one problem: unable to share ideas they have not advanced; it is their selfishness that they focus on that inhibits their advancement throughout time; because of what they call large companies. They destroy the new great ideas instead of embracing them. They just squash it. That is why they do not have advancement in technology. It is the sin of greed. This is funny because if they embraced the new idea their advancement and money would flow ten fold. Many of the governments as of whole of the planet Earth has that greed problem.

……….. We the Protonians do not judge the Earthlings but we can not share our technology with them due to this greed. Signed:

Tomorrow next part of the story:  HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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