jly 094

Riddle: How many sides does a barrow have?

Crash…….whispering, “Star date unknown. Last date 9045.3 zeetonas (Earth years 2593) Record by Zonna, Layloot-Iteer of Star-ship Estaria from Planet Proton. I am hiding in a closet now because we have been invaded by the Daytrons, part lizard body and cow head.” A foul smell filled the air like rotten eggs. Bang….. It sounds as if another door is broken. “They sound like they are coming closer to me. Our Captain Chris has disappeared. I record: Shouter tried to grab her as she suddenly was flying in a port hole of time……….He missed her as their fingers barely touch as she vanished….. unknown if the crew has been taken off the ship and under guard. I just do not here them. I wait for orders; I am a Layloot-Iteer; there is only one per ship; and I have not heard from any of the ship members or Planet Proton for orders. For those who are not Protonian I am a fluid pure energy robot; I help with communication on deck and I translate languages, teach, and keep daily ship logs and If all of the ship’s crew is down I can temperately man the ship.”

Protonian do not own us; we love servise. They are so loving and kind and saved us from war.

Clanging and crushed glass is heard in the background. Blasting sounds echo down the hallway. “Placing your hand inside of me will either teach you or you tell me to record information for ship’s log. By holding my right hand I release this information. Enemies I will give a gentle shock. Those are enemies who have a negative color surrounding their body which means if any one with an Aura of Red, or murky pink, or black. They can not use me for information. Daytrons abuse information they just want to kill all Protonians and their friends. I love giving Daytrons a shock.

“For just Iteers they have other responsibilities like repair and emergencies.

Planet Xrain 10,000 years ago was invaded by the Asterians. The Asterians bombed a huge asteroid which positioned it to hit our galaxy. The X-rainians tried to warn the whole solar system that their system was in danger and all must leave. Some of the people believed and left their beloved solar system. Others like the Daytrons, our ferrous enemy did not believe and fought the X-rainians. With a disparate attempt to gain control at the last moment, the Daytrons captured one of  (see tomorrow)

Game: Have a sheet of paper with what to do with what the dice number ends up on the paper. For example a student rolls a five.  On the five sentence it states to write spelling word 5 times.  You can get creative and use it with math or other subject…..

Cheese and mac..  boil the noodles and drain.  Add cheese, butter and melt.  Can add a little milk.

Wisdom: When you get quiet and have no sounds around you.  Can even be surrounded by nature by a stream.  Great answers can come in peace.  By the trees we can find peace.

Have a great day.

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