Wisdom: At our darkest times we sometimes can not see the light or the goodness.  Today I fell and all my supper became the floor’s mess and my cat’s and goose’s meal.  Had a great growl under my breath and the temptation to throw my pan across the room seem a good idea.  The pan was empty so a little toss was my ideal need.  Sure I was in pain and my hip and shoulder hurt.  Friday I was sick and now just feeling a little better. This is why I have not written.

The dusk is always around the corner but dawn is also.  That reminds me if you find yourself sick ginger ale or sugar ginger a little bite and some cheddar cheese helps much.  Things happen for a reason and no worries.  Like I told a teacher the other day “everything will turn out okay”.  It is funny that no matter how we worry our life will go on and things will work out.  It may not be what we wanted.  It is for our best: if we make a wrong choice we will pay the price.

Parenting: We as parents are responsible for our children to learn how to become adults.  It is hard and you need to make time.  Learn  by my mistakes I had each child working by his self after I taught them how to clean the house.  My mistake was not have a day where we all worked together doing the cleaning.  Double checking the work is challenge but can be fun by singing together.  Learning to work together is an important life skill for all.

Riddle: How many sides does a barrow have?  Two an inside and outside. Next one: If the natives of the Weejee Islands rate 2 spears as worth 3 fishhooks and a knife, and will give 25 coconuts for 3 spears, 2 knives, and a fishhook together, how many coconuts will they give for each articles separately?

Story: tomorrow.

Missouri Spanish Rice: one pound Hamburger (season like my regular mix or how you like.  Add one can stewed tomatoes Then add one half cup of rice and slowly low cook until rice is done about 20 min.  This meal helps stretch meat and feed a large family of five or more if add more tomatoes and rice.

We all will have more ups than downs but choosing the right will give us the courage to stand up for what is right.  As the day is done we can learn from today and do better tomorrow.  Have a great day.

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