Wisdom: jly 217We are molded by our past and our past thoughts.  If we do not forgive we stay under the spell of the past.  Who we are is what happened to us.  Our light can beam its brightest by our goodness that shines.  People in our lives come and go but leave something behind in that mold of us.  If it is a cut and it hurts us the blemish is there  but helping others is like makeup that covers the hurts.  We can never change the past but we can outshine the darkness and leave it behind in the dust.  We can remember the best of times and add it to the sunshine in our life.  We are the mold we can be better than we are every day.

As the picture I have of the tunnel we do not know what is ahead but we can rest a sure that we can handle it and it will drive us to be better if we are not hardheaded and not listen to the wisdom of the sunshine.

Riddle: Absolutely is the answer

In ancient times the neophyte in logic was posed nesophyte in logic was posed such questions as: If half of 5 were 3, what would a third of 10 be?

Recipe: guess what I am going to have a party and serve chinese: Crab rangoon, egg drop soup, rice stirfry and of course egg roll.  crab rangoon I will experiment and give this recipe later.

Story will be later.



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