Hording and Fear

Whether buying too much, gambling, eating to much, drinking,  or hording.  There seems to be some relationship between what we can control and what controls us.  There also seems to be some  who have fears that controls them.  Take the people from the depression.  They save everything from a rusty hammer to a broken clock.  I saw a hording show that a woman had to open the front door and climb up a wall of things to enter her house.  It seems that buying things was her way to handle loneliness.  Another one was that her child had died and she did not know how to handle that.

Wisdom: Someone once told me that “when you fear something learn all that you can about that thing or person your fear”  Once you do study the fear the fear is not as great.  Balance is the great thing to reverse fear.  A balance in all things gives us the courage to change our future for the better.

recipe: From a good friend  and much hugs to her:  Enchilada Casserole

Make or buy your tortillas  Brown your meat ( add your seasonings like taco seaoning package; or use your own seasoning  if you like I do this with most of my hamburger meals): add  garlic, onions, bell pepper, sliced black olives and a little juice, small amount of enchilada sauce and salsa just enought to make it moist.

Cook refried beans and then add beans to meat; butter a glass casserole dish.  Break tortillas into small pieces, make small layer to cover bottom of dish.  Cover tortilla with enchilada sauce, then add layer of cheddar and mozzarella cheese Depending on how much hamburger mix you have.  Add a layer of meat and bean mix and then add another layer of torillas.  Cover tortillas with sause, layer of cheeses and add green onions  and cook at 350 degrees for 30 min.  ( usually use 1 part cheddar and two parts mozzarella cheese.jly 274

I,m showing this beautiful flower lasts only a few weeks: we are only here on this earth a few years compared to the years of the universe.  We can outshine this yellow and communicate with it or like the guy not communicate with it.    Well can we really take all of our stuff with us when we die?



When I told the Costers2 they sadly informed me that she was soon to die. A great flood was to come to her city and wipe out many people. Then I asked one of the forbidden questions at that time: I want to take her now and save her life. Take her to Proton to be my wife. After they checked the time line and discussed the matter, said that she was important time line proser. A proser was someone who made many differences in many lives and could not be taken from their time. How can I let my love die?

I went and sat down beside of her. “Look,” I gazed into her eyes “do you trust me?”

“With my life?” she said looking deep into my eyes.

“Now, there will be a flood tomorrow and you will save a young boy from drowning. After that you will need to watch for me and grab my hand and hold on tight or you will die my love. Then I will take you from this place unto my world.” I started to walk down the path out of her site.


“I will be prepare and get my boat to high ground and help both of us.” She sat down on the ground with a bag of food inside of her boat. Now, I am prepared for anything and everything will turn out fine.

…………………. Costers2 why did you disobeyed the rules; you told her what was going to happen; you are forbidden; do not go back.

I well thought this out and I prayed and this is right for me. My Emotion tells me So.

……………………Coster2 Your Emotion told you so.” he looked down at Abendego’s face, “So be it.”

The next day the surged of rivers bend and pushed away everything in its path. The hills disappeared as the waters beat against everything knocking down anything in its path. Cracking sounds of broken trees crashing down as the water pounced on each tree as it went. Splashing water sounds echoed in the valley and sure enough there on a log was a small boy crying. She dodged into the rushing river with her boat roped to her arm and then grabbed him quickly into her arms. She sat him down inside a little boat and she untied the rope to get inside the boat. Just as she was going to get inside the boat a huge log came flying through the air knocking the boat away from her. She jump out to grab the boat, Another huge log raced toward her and the boy reached out for her with his hands. The rushing waters pushed the boat and her down the river’s path. A low branch snapped by the rushing water and came sailing in their path. A log rammed into the boat making the boat knocking her on the head. She feel down slowly into the muddy waters.

Above the river Abendego saw the boy drift down the river in a boat. He thought, “Has it happened already?”

His ship hovered over the water as the water began to rise. He grasp the young toddler from the boat and placed on the ground. “Past view finder show me the child’s past of the past fifteen minutes.” He viewed his bubble like form showing a boat hitting his love and he could not bare to look. He steered his ship toward the area. Where was she? He dived into the raging water. I can not find her? He dived deeper and deeper. It was hard to see the muddy river was so rushing. Where was she? There, his machine showed a body, she was there by a broken tree. She was unconscious.

He tugged on her dress; it was jammed under some rocks and stuck. He blew into her mouth and kissed her; He grabbed a knife from his pocket and quickly cut the dress. Then pulled her to the surface where his ship was waiting for him. He sent her to the doctor to get healed. She awoke seeing his smiling face.


I took her from her home Earth. Yes, we went back and got her scriptures and other memories that we gave to Cap. But how can I tell Capt the secret I have held for so long.

A little taping like tiny foot prints of rain drops on the window pain started racing faster.

“Abendego are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m sorry Elbar.” Abendego was silent again.

Elbar touched Abendego’s shoulder.” I know you want to tell Captain the secret. The council thinks it best not to tell her now for safety’s sake. Why not go home and wait for orders. The rest would be good for you.”

Abendego closed his eyes and his feelings reassured him she was OK………………………………..

Thunder roared and lightening flashed. At the moment he felt helpless and wanted to be like his daughter at will just the thought and time travel at a moments notice and find his daughter. His dad was like that that is where his daughter got the talent. He knew he had to wait orders and nothing would change this. I guess my impatiens has rubbed off on my daughter. I guess I better go home and wait for farther orders.

He walked slowly out the door to the railway system that they had in the middle of the bottom floor for times that you needed transportation when it was storming. His wife was a staff of this station. She told and showed others about trains about how they could be under ground and on ground.

Over to his right was the beautiful water fall that he could barely see because of the storm. Now, the water was coming down so hard that he couldn’t even see the blue falls. There he sat inside of the bottom room that would open up to the train when it was to be there. The smooth bubble like train stood tall while doors were opening to load into each round room. There was many inside his compartment. There was a baby crying. He walked up to the lady, “Can I be of of help, Crytle?”

She smiled, “Thank you, Abendego. Any information about your daughter?” She had a long nose and wide mouth. She also had two thick lines on the left side of her right face which was part of her people’s trademark. Her big very dark brown eyes sparkled as she talked and bushy copper eye brows looked like they were an arrow pointing up.


Organize: First you need three boxes or containers: one for trash, give away, keep


Riddle: What did one hoarder say to the other hoarder when they ate breakfast together?



Hoping to work on my leather bag tomorrow.  Have a great day.

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