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Riddle: One hoarder said to the second hoarder:  ” Don’t know when we’ll eat; I lost my whole bag of groceries yesterday.  It is in here some place.”


“What was that?

“I found your eggs. I sat on them.”

Wisdom: Like my picture it Looks as if we are falling and there is no where to go but down.  Be honest with yourself. Sometimes we feel broken as the eggs we could have sat on today.  (Of course that did not happen but anything is possible when you are not organize.) As we take a long look at self, we first admit we have a problem.  We can forgive and we can be better by the light which is in us.  Honestly we all have problems

To the whole world I have made mistakes in my past as we all have.  I am truly sorry and I am not perfect but in saying that I am working on being perfect because being close to the light gives me the courage to be better.

Hoarder: Telling myself to be nice to myself do things one bite at a time  If you are a hoarder you can not do it over night just take one corner at a time until it is done Remember the 3 box rule: keep, give away, and trash.  You can do it.  You need your house in order especially the kitchen.  Be clean or be unhealthy .  In some cases even die.

Eating disorder: Tell others that you trust you need their help.  Overeating, start small by eating 1/2 of everything.  If you want the other half eat half of that and so forth.  What you are doing  is teaching your mind and stomach to gradually get smaller.  I also walked more.  Before you know it you will loose.  I went from 300 pounds to a size 12.  I gained some of  it back due to not learning to say no to others who teased me saying I was eating like a bird.  I also did not understand nutrition and exercise.  Eating for food is one thing but eating because you are sad or hurt is another.

If you gamble or drink you need extra help with that too.  There is AA and I think that for gambling too an AA type for that too.  Just like everything else a little at a time.

You have a right to be here, you have a job to do here on this earth; you are special; And there is only one of you.  Never never give up.  The Best feeling in the world is service.

Have a great day.


Would like to share one of my favorite breakfast.  Fry some potatoes and drain.  This depends on your family on how many potatoes and eggs.  Beat the eggs and add to the potatoes and then your favorite cheese.  I use one part cheddar to two parts mozz. Cook until set.  I sometimes use as a side dish of re-fried beans.

Riddle: from  (the other one is from me) but I thought this is a good one.  Is an older one-hundred dollar bill worth more than a newer one?

Story will most likely be mon.  eve.  Would like to share with you my thoughts. of this day.  Have a great day.


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