Stormy Rage

jly 414

Wisdom: Like a storm rage can not be reasoned with or told to stop.  It moves where it wants.  Sometimes the rage of the storm destroys everything in its path.  The calm after does not mean it will not return.  The electrical path of rage is not like this organized electrical system. Rage is disorganized and dangerous.  So beware of someone with rage.  Best to run.

recipes: I was thinking how boring some of my breakfasts were; so I started collecting recipes.  Here is one I got from foodtvnetwork.  Breakfast tacos  I decided to change it a little. Mine version: fry  potatoes and drain, separate pan cook chorizo sausage and drain, salt and pepper beaten eggs, corn (if using fry) or flour tortillas (warm),  Mix all but tortillas and cook eggs until set.  Then decorate your taco like you like with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and salsa.

Mondays sometime make your day crazy and you meet people you did not expect to meet.  Oh well, we need to be ready for new adventure.

Will share a purse with you.  It can be a hat, purse, bag, and very unusual sizes and colors depends what one wants


Due to some of overload myself,  story should be tomorrow and I am sorry.  Have a great day.

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