My Purse I invented:  Ocean


Wisdom: We can bag all of our belongings in one bag.  Or we can hire a trucker to put all of our belongings  into a semi but we just can not take it with us when we die.  What is the basics.  What do we really need  In this life?  When I took a survival class it seem to be only a few items.


Craft: Ocean: Your choice of needle and blue thread that has several shades.  One with yellow is the one I picked here.  Nice way of making a purse you just chain just how large you want your bag.  At the end you pick up the last stitch.  Then go around that main chain.  There is no increase so you just single crochet over picking up a stitch under neath and over until you get the size you want.  repeat stitches: The top  you chain three and then You triple crochet  into one hole two times more.  You skip one hole.  Then you triple crochet three times. Then repeat.  If you want it with one ruffle tie the ending to the beginning stitch.  If not just chin three and triple crochet as the repeat stitch.  To make the ties just use two strings aSnd larger needle and single crochet three times the length size of the purse.


recipe: Would love to share a recipe that I used from an old book when my children were young: Make – A- Mix by Karine Eliason, Nevada Harward, & Madeline Westover

Pancake mix

2 cups dry buttermilk powder, 8 cups flour, 1/2 cup sugar. 8 teaspoons baking powder, 4 teaspoons baking soda.  2 teaspoons salt.  Mix all together.  Pour into a 12 cup container with a tight lid.  Seal and date.  Store and use 6 months Make sure it is stored in a cool and dry place .  ——When you are ready to make a batch:   Makes 10—–add egg beaten 2 T oil, 1 cup of water,  or more if want them to be thinner, 1-1/2 cup of mix — cook as usual.


Story: To Make sure I do not get mixed up again and I am working out some problems with  my story; so I will be writing on my blog thurs.



A bad day

Every thing is okay

The sun is shining

the warmth is feeling good

how is my day: it is great

Why– because I changed my attitude.


game:  A team game: Go out side and look at the trees and guess which tree is yours in your neighborhood.  See who can find the most and get it right.


Parenting: Plan.  Write a menu for the week.  Have snacks, cookies, and etc.  Believe you are a good person and no matter what any one says you can be a good parent.  Or watch children as a baby sitter.  It is different but you can survive all by just doing your best.  You can learn from others.


I see hoarders which some are really hurting inside.  If you feel if you keep too much take a picture of your stuff and see what the picture looks like later.  See it in a different way and the different point of view will open your eyes. .  Remember there are others that you are teaching by your actions. Have a great day


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