Sound of Time


Wisdom: As I look up at this balloon that I took I see if it came to close to that power line it would be in danger.  We should always be looking and aware of our surroundings.

Game: Wright down some theme words and it could be something that one has to study.  Turn over each piece of paper and have no words showing and make them match.  In other words if the word is crayons have another piece of paper stating crayons.  This could help some with remembering vocabulary or spelling words.

Craft:  Materials: water colors, ruler, white crayon, crayons, water and paint brush.  Color a picture of your choice  with colors of crayons.  You could make a cabin with a tree with crayons.  Then with white color with the ruler draw small lines  across the picture.  Then with gray or blue paint lightly across the page.  Let page dry.  It will look like rain.

Recipe: Use left over french fries and fry over low heat. Beat eggs with cheese and bacon bits throw into pan of left over fries.

Joke: Got from author: Michael Dahl:  Mother: Honey, ask the butcher if he has calf’s tongue.  Why ask? I’ll just wait until he opens his mouth and look. (actually calf’s tongue is good.  I cooked some cutting in small bites with potatoes.  No one knew it and seem to love it.  When you do not have much money it helps to be able to feed and fill your family.


Story:  See two days ago and I wrote much.  I will fill in later.

have a nice day

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