Cloudy Skies

jly 380

It was windy and the tree was moving fast.  I am a person that loves nature and adventure.  Sometimes I try to do to much.  Sometimes like I learned today that we need to slow down and learn to say no.  I remember a lady helping me with my wedding.  She wanted to help and said she could do not more her husband told her she was doing too much.  I told her it was okay.  But she was so upset because she wanted to help.  Sometimes like life blowing the tree and it waves back and forth by the affect of the wind we get affected by all the things life or we do to self.  Explore our lives and slow down and see the clouds as the warning of what is to come we need to adjust our life.  Smile and bare it.

Recipe: Take a hotdog and wrap it with a slice of cheese and then wrap it with a flatten biscuit.  Bake the temp.  of biscuit and time of the store or hand made directions.  Have a great day.  Talk Sat.  Not writing much today do to having a sell at the farmer’s market.  Smile and let your teeth breathe.



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