jly 203

Wisdom: When you don’t know when your next meal will come from hunger is real.  When you have plenty I believe many of us start hoarding food as if it is not enough.  Finding balance is hard sometimes.

As you see the ocean above and the hills in the distance there is green in the distance but the dry sand is in front there is no green and no food.  To get any food you must know how to fish and / or travel to where the green trees are where there maybe fruit and other foods.

As we gather our thoughts we need to remember those around us.  Someone may seem strange to us and we say to our self that person is strange or weird.   We never know what is hidden behind that person’s hunger.  The hunger may be food or spiritual.  There needs to be understanding that not every one walks a mile in their shoes.  For every shoe is different and fits every one different.  I had met a person who slept in a car with his family with no home or bed to call his own.  We always may say we have it bad and there is always someone worse than us.

Game: Act out different movies for your party and let people guess what movie it is.

Craft: collect shells and glue on a box.  Then spray gold or clear varnish.  If no shells can paint old mac. shells and then paint your favorite color.  Put your favorite bracelets inside or use as a gift.

Recipe: Hamburger cooked and add stewed tomatoes and then add cooked noodles.

For breakfast: cut a heart out of a slice of bread and then place it buttered on a grill.  Add an egg which when set flip over and cook until golden brown.  Serve with a smile and orange juice.

Out of the Everything Kids Joke Book: What has 18 legs, spits, and catches flies?    Give up?


A baseball team.


Never forget being true to the light will never catch you in a lie.

Buy the truth and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding,,,pro.23:23 Knowledge and learning goes hand in hand by listening.

Let not truth and mercy  forsake thee…Prov3:3

Organize: Take pictures of your possession especially the ones that you can not get rid of now.  If you have small children have a plastic bin under the coffee table and some of their toys.  In the evening you will have a place for them to be put up.  You can make it a game by saying this see how fast we can put up these toys.  This see if we can beet the clock or buzzer.  Wish I knew of this game when my children were small.  It is hard to be several people at once.  I use to tell my children that I am each of them a mom (for if we have ten children then we are ten people and plus a wife.  Making time for each is a challenge but with a budget of time it will work.

Have a nice day.

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