jly 440

Had fun making this wallet. Ah the smell of leather smells so good.    It takes practice and lacing is about time.

Wisdom: Cloth: It has been made from many things.  At one time clothing was from skins of animals.  There is so many types of leathers from so many animals.  Some feel that taking skins from animals is wrong.  But we get so much from nature and when an animal dies or it is needed for food the skin can keep us warm and cool during the seasons.  Wow, what a great gift from nature.  Remember the story of the cloth of many colors made by a father to his favorite son.  To choose the right will always be right and never wrong.

Game: Funnel catch: Make a funnel from a piece of cardboard.  The contestants bance a rubber ball off the the wall with their right and hand and must catch the ball in the funnel in his left hand after the ball bounces on the floor.  Allow three tries, and score one point for each successful throw.

Organization: By taking pictures of your prized thins we next ask our self when was the last time I used it.  Why do I have it.

Paper work: separate into three piles: credit cards bills, important bills like over due bills, and regular bills (rent, telephone, electric, maybe gas etc.).  Get a note book and glue envelopes on each paper.  Title each of important:   for example Rent at the top of the bill  and then write the amount on the left side of sheet.  When you pay it mark on the notebook  paid Jan. 15, 2016 (the real date you paid) and then put the receipt inside the envelopes.  Then when the next month comes around you do the same.  Some people have a clip board and nail it on a wall so that they can remember when the date is due.

Remember the most important to be paid is the rent or mortgage.   A car note is also important but do not over kill by buying something you can not afford.  Try to buy used if you know someone who can fix cars.   Cable or even food can be a little charge.  Cable can be shut off a few months.  When times were hard for me I would buy can goods one pay day and the next I would buy meats. If you do not know where your money goes write a daily money journey.

Most important remember you can do this.  Write down and make a budget.  Things will work out and do not be afraid.

Recipe: Ultimate Nachos

cooked ground beef (can be the mix I mentioned the other blog.  can use taco seasoning with water, if you want another way.  Need cheddar cheese about 2 cups and 1 cup tomato chopped 1 Table spoon of cilantro optional  and 1 cup of salsa and 1 cup of sour cream.  Oven temp: 350 degrees.  Add chips in an un greased quart shallow baking dish and top with cheeses cilantro tomato. My way I add mozz cheese too.    Have fun.

Joke of the day: Everything about life is funny.  Monica seles  Think about it it is about our heart and how we feel our cloth of life to make us warm and protect us from danger.

Have a great day.

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