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Wisdom: The sky warns us of danger and do we take cover or just stay out in the open and do not heed the warnings.Do we change or let what we think is  destiny change us

Story: Con. Protonian Wars

I’m afraid the other mix has your wife and some other ancestors mixed up also.” then he took his Lateloot out of his pocket; place the quark on his Lateloot, “Copy” and then he handed the Quark back. Lateloots were a type of communication and copy machines they could form any shape and placed anywhere. Lateloots are made from pure energy looking like an ameba. They hold much energy.

“Abendigo, I need your hand scan. He took a deep breath, oh yes, he placed his thumb on a flat stamp that she in turned placed in a bag. She then marched out the door knocking down a lady with an arm full of books. The books came tumbling down from her arms on top of her. The armed lady bent down and helped pick up her and the books.

“Do you know about the latest news?” a voice and picture of a woman appeared in a glass cake like container on the cabinet. “clear day tomorrow. Good for swimming tomorrow for the water people. Also, Queen Metal from Planet Zel is to arrive tomorrow.”

Oh no, he thought. He took a slow drink out of his cup. She is a…I know she is my relative and I should be kind; but, of all times. He wiped his mouth just in case there was something messed up. Best time to visit my friends so that I may avoid that strong willed spoiled woman. But I said I would be at home for my friend…………………………………..

He started out the front door. The light pink grass caught his attention and he took off his bubbles from his feet; he stepped slowly onto the light pink grass soothing his tired old feet. It was always cool the Barsh grass from Planet Jell. Then he sat right down with his back against a thin brick red tree to read. He took out his pocket Lateloot ..Yes The adventures of Jewmpeed. He has such a since of humor….Out of the night rose a bean that bop on his head. Where did it come from he could not imagine. With his bags packed he jumped on his horse and forgot the horse and fell in the mud. Now what happened to his horse: he ran off not wanting the man to ride. So he was chasing this horse down the road for several miles. He was all covered with mud. He looked like a strange creature that the dogs did not recognize and then they started the chase after the man……Oh yes, he could just sit here and read but time is passing………………………….

Sure he could call the partners that were to be with him but that was not the Protonian way. If they were in walking distance or train distance you just walked; that was called balance. In everything there was to be balance whether in health or spiritual guidance. Each Protonian spent one hour a day exercising and the other mediating.

My time is up and I must go home and get in touch of my friends. He grabbed his bubble shoes and placed on each foot. There was some water people swimming. It was their freedom day parade. How wonderful it is with their dancing within the waters. The water flutes were slowly coming out of the water and then suddenly there was playing like the rhythms of the water. The harps were placed just off shore to be played by the swamp people. Their hair on their heads looked like leaves of trees in layers. In the background was the calming affect of the gentle waterfall cascading down from a silver mountain.

The Lateloot turned red on his arm. He put it to his ear. “Commander both of your workmates have different assignments and have left the area. You will need this time to go alone with Mela, robot 2, Mela, has done time travel before now and has a rob buster to bring you back to preset time. It has been field tested 200 times by the hardest trials. It even went by itself on a few tests and came back in tip top shape. It doesn’t have fluid capacity though we are working on this problem. But it can form any shape………

This time he felt it necessary to go home putting his Lateloot in his pocket. He loved the trees and knew that once he was on assignment and find his daughter that he would feel better. He listened to one more song of the water people and the melody almost made him sleepy. He knew that by the time he got home it would be night time and packing would not be necessary because he always had bags packed for on the go missions. He had a bag always packed inside of his closet by his front door.

game: out of the Ozarks Trails Counc il Pow Wow Book Pg. 188

“At signal, first player in each relay team pushes a lemon across the room with a pencil until it touches the opposite wall or crosses a goal line.  He then picks up the lemon and brings it back to the next player on the team Don’t try to push the lemon too fast- it will spin and slow player down.”

recipe:  Cheesy Bacon Hash brown bake

8 slices bacon, 2 cups hash browns, 1/2 lb. mushrooms, 1 each red and green pepper, 1 small onion and 12 eggs.  1/3 sour cream and 3/4 lb your favorite cheese(s)  350 degrees preheat.  cook bacon until crisp.  Reserving 2 T .  Drain bacon and potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions.  add to drippings.  Cook 10 min. or until peppers and onions are crisp-tender.  Stirring occasionally.  Spread veg. mix onto bottom of 13×9 inch baking dish sprayed with cooking spray.  Whisk eggs and sour cream until well blended, pour over veg mix.  Top with bacon and cheese.  Bake 40 min or until center is set and casserole is heated through.  enjoy

Organize: How to be in control of your money:

focus on getting out of debt.  Put some money into savings, budget , shop wisely, prioritize your spending.  Find out what is your spending weaknesses.  Where can I cut costs?

Write down income, Write in detail expenditures: donations, savings, food, mortgage or rent utilities, transportation, debt payments, insurance, medical clothing and other.  Writing down tells you where your money goes.   Once I found out the little things was breaking me.  It was buying soda and going out to eat.  “Remember to keep a good attitude about your spending power.  Don’t compare yourself to people to spend more than you do, thinking that you are deprived in some way.”

Smile:  Once I thought I was trained to get ice cream out of a machine.  The next thing I knew after pulling the knobs off, ice cream mix spitted all over my face and uniform.  At midnight was not a good time for such a mess.  Well they say insert foot when you think you know it all as a beginner.

Have a great day.

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