Wisdom: We walk down a path we no not where it leads us.  We do our best.  We serve by humbling our self.  No person is better than any one else.  When you serve someone it touches your heart in no other way.  Whether or not anyone notices it or not your heart grows with love.  Some may be mean to us and be even rude.  But we grow by doing what is right.  Our light will shine for others to see that light and want that light: Faith.



breakfast: Baked eggs and potatoes

3 tablespoons of butter.  potatoes (little or as much as you want, for this helps spread the meal for more.  2 garlic cloves , 3/4 teaspoon salt and pepper about 8 or more if want or have.  cheddar and moz  cheese.  oven  400 degrees.  in a skillet cook potatoes until golden brown and tender stir in garlic and s and p   And then make 4 wells in the potato mixture, break two eggs into each well.  bake 9 to 11 min or until eggs are set  then add cheese and cook until cheese is melted.

Lunch: BLT  Cook your bacon until crisp.  slice tomato.  slice lettuce and layer mayo, bacon, lettuce tomato and slice of bread Which can be grilled)  make another layer and can add a slice of cheese if you love cheese.    Nice for hot days.  Cut from corner to corner as the fancy cooks do.

Supper: Make a cream gravy and boiled eggs.  This is an easy dinner and does not cost much.  Cut eggs and add to gravy.  Warm and put on toast and serve with a green salad.  When you are tired use left over gravy and you can put slice ham or  slice beef in stead of egg.

Funny happenings: I was told that when I was little our neighbor called and stated that I was screaming to the top of my lungs.  I was trying to climb the fence and got my dress caught and could not get loose.

crafts: Cut squares out of foil.  Take one corner and place it on a wire or flower stem wire.  wrap around the wire and continue to do until you make several petals for your flower.


jly 297

We all loose someone but the memories should be the good times.  Serve as our men in that serve us.  Remember we need a lot of laughter and the goodness of those who died before us.  That is how we handle the lost of our loved ones.

Organize: remember to write down every thing you spend.  Check for coupons and discount codes for everything that you do. Make a list of anything that you want to buy.  Prioritize your list.  Take some things off of the list that you don’t want as badly. Make a budget after you receive each pay check and if you must overspend in one area of your planned budget you must take the money from another category.

Never Never give up.

Have a good day.



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