Wisdom: Seek the light; draw to the light;  and example continues to be as good as you are as the light shines a way for you.  God is good. Ask him to Guide us to help others.  We are important; we shall never give up to the darkness.  If we live in the light we will shine and live as Christ and teach as he taught, and love as the savior loved pray for this love and serve.  We shall overcome the darkness.

Pray and you will find freedom.  There is riffles on our road.Do not be afraid.  Forget self and work .  Truth = light = power.  There is great treasure in the bag of scriptures; just look and you will find your self.

Each day challenge yourself by doing something different.  If you are a logical  person paint.  If you are an artist do something logical like math.

craft: buy a face painting kit and practice different animal pictures.  I had a ball painting faces on some children.

game: get left over boxes that is cleaned out  with you buy at fast food place.  Stack them high.  See who can stack the highest.  If have many have two people stack in a hurry and see who can do it the fastest.


Breakfast: fried eggs and grits.  Oh yes don’t forget toast with jam.  Start you beans and ham in a crock pot for supper.

Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich with all the works you love.

Supper: Pot of beans

Be gentle with your self.  Have an easy day some times.  Have a fantastic day.

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