Throwaway Person

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Wisdom: We try to stay busy in this life and there is many things that is unfinished.   The past can take many forms.  The bitterness that we capture when there is no forgiveness.  The cold heart that believes everyone is out to get them.  What about the person that believes that only to right the wrong in  their past is to buy everyone something.  Or the person who over eats or not eat because of something in their past.  Or the person obsessed in cleaning or overworking himself/ herself.  Or not cleaning at all.

Balance is taking charge and fight for our being not a throwaway person.  We can feel not important and people can not notice we even exist.  In the clutter of life we are like a tree; we are because we live; we live because we are meant to be here as the waves of the ocean; together we can help others; we need to help each other when one falls.  Does not the ocean hold up a mighty ship.  With the help of others we do stand tall.

recipe: Breakfast: crepes and strawberries (see supper and put supper on after crepes are done.

2 eggs whipped, 1  1/4 cup milk, 2 t veg oil, 1/4 tea. salt, 4 tea. sugar

Whisk  all together and cool 1 hour  Thin by adding more milk if needed.  Cook on oil pan med. heat.  Pour 1/4 c. at a time.  Swirl the pan around so the batter forms a circle and flip when top is dry.  Double/ equals 14 crepes.  Fill with strawberries and whip cream.  This is a fancy breakfast or desert.

Lunch: Boil some water.  Drop in a sprinkle of salt and mac.  Drain.  Add a little butter, your cheese love, and at last add some tuna.  Serve warm.

Supper:  Roast: Buy your size roast for your family.  If you do not have much money by meat one payday and veg. the other payday.  Find when they are on sell will help too.  You can help the meat to stretch by adding carrots, potatoes and celery.  Put in a crock.  Add onion soup on top.  Cook for 4 to 8 hours depending on crock directions.

craft: Thread, needle, batting, cloth.  Cut two squares of cloth and place the squares outsides together.  Sew together and leave a two inch seam open and then turn over  so you can see the outsides.  Stuff with batting and then sew the opening together.   Wow a pillow.


Great blessing we thought our hen had a few chicks.  Come to find out she had many more.  What a proud moma.


Word Game: Divide group into two teams.  Depends on their age level on the words.  Group the words into how many animals that they can name; or how many spelling words can they remember.  Which team guess the most wins the game.


Organization: Planned menus provide an excellent way to keep a tab on food budget.  It saves time and money too.  If you only go once or twice a month to the store it helps so you do not buy things you would not ordinary buy.  There will also be little waste.  My mom when I was little would buy milk and mix powder milk with it.  She would buy whole milk and freeze it and when she needed it she would thaw it out and add powder milk to it.  Planned menus provide security, the security of knowing that dinner (or other meal) is planned and will be ready when it’s time to eat.  Menus are posted, family members can anticipate with pleasure the coming meals and in fact can help with their preparation and service.

In fact do ask for help.  Many woman do not ask their children to do chores around the house in fear that something will happen.  Children are our responsibility.  They will in fact fuss some but when they get to do it they will start having fun with our great attitude.  When you are old and gray you will be proud that they are responsible adults.

But if we look at the best; flowers  can make us smile.

Most of all not one of us is a throwaway person.  We are loved by someone and we are needed by many people.  Serve and get joy.

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