Blue Stress

jly 225

Blue stress: the act of excess stress and as the cloud shows the wall that shows a warning that something is about to happen.  Of course I made this term up due to creative expression.  We all have our boiling point or some would call our buttons.  Some who knows us well know those buttons.  Know how to push our buttons to make us blow up.

Stress has many levels.  One extreme someone pounding on your door wanting money or your stuff that you bought on time.  Buying too much stuff on time can lead to loosing money, time, and stuff.  Make a budget can keep you from this problem.

Wisdom:   Take a deep breath.  Everything will be okay.

Recipe: Boil eggs.  The best test is place how many you want in a pan of cold water.  Cook at med heat for 20 min.  Drain.  Pour cool water on top and leave for 5 min.  Peal.  Mash with butter and add salt an pepper to taste.  Save some of your egg mixture for lunch.

Lunch: Tuna fish: add egg mix to a can of tuna.  Then add mayo to taste to this mix.  Add s and p.  Put some pickle relish in mix.  Put on toast or light bread.

Supper:  Make Hamburgers for meal.  See my other recipe for mix or just add s and p to hamburger with chopped onion  (some people use just onion soup mix to there hamburger.   Can have chips.

desert: Pudding pops.  Need pop holders.  Make pudding and put in holders and freeze.  Enjoy.

craft:  buy a box or use an old tiny wooden box you have left over;  paint box; cut out pictures that you like and clue on painted box.  Then put mod podge on top and coat two to three coatings.

Funny happenings:  At the time I had no car.  I decided that I should buy more than I could hold: two bags and two small children hands.   As I struggled walking down the road a gentleman offered his help.  He stated he could take us where we need but I refused and just asked if he would carry my bags.  He slowly followed me down the street while I held my children.  Can you imagine seeing this in the distance: Car walks with woman with children?

Have a nice day.





































































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