Wisdom: As butterflies we have the freedom to choose what we do.Our choices are as fragile as the butterfly’s wings.  Choose the darkness the wing is broken and freedom is lost.

Protonian Wars: science fiction story

There was a six foot, blue robed man entering the train. His dark blue eyes were almost a black. The top of the robe was short to his hips the second part was like Earthing bell bottoms pants. There was a white strip down the front and down the back of this robe. This strip stated to everyone that he was in charge of time traveling. This was taught to young that if someone with this robe approaches you and ask you questions that you need to help. This was taught as a secret and that no one discussed it in public. To ware this robe was of great honor and prestige. He winked at Abendego. “Hi, Abendego” I need to go with you and to talk to you when you get home. You been, okay?”

“Charger, I just have not been myself when I found out that my dad was killed by those evil Daytrons. And now my daughter is missing. Do you know the specifics?”

“The Daytron ship just appeared without warning; pushed the ship into the Grendoian Star. There was a great explosion with the ship and none survived.”

“Just don’t understand how that could have happened? “We believe it was….. I will tell you later for secrecy sake.

There was a solemnest between the two. A baby cried interrupting the silence. The sun had hid its shine from the west. For the four moons did not appear tonight. The clouds overshadowed also the stars of the night.

“Next stop is Timber cedar lane.” The conductor called. Abendego pushed the button to be let off. He and Charger walked slowly out of the train and walked towards a huge 10 foot wide tree. Opening his door he let his friend inside……………………………………..Going into the kitchen with his friend He started a meal.; “Hungry?”

“There is a young man that you will meet. His name is Dave. He is a descendant of your wife from her brother’s son’s descendants. No one but you and me can know of this. I will send you to meet him and you will give him some advice. I have already gave him some advice but he was afraid of me during my first time travel and ran away from me. You will go this second time and he will not remember me and with your help maybe we can warn him. If anyone was to find out that he was your wife’s descendant it will be disastrous. He can not know either.”

Abendego handed Charger a plate of food. There was steam coming from the plate.

Thanks, there was a spy on your dad’s ship in the tower. Sense it was time over we could not change the time line. But you can save your daughter and some of her friends that she has found.” both bowed their heads.

Abendego stated, “We thank thee for what we are blessed with and please help guide us on our adventures.”……………………………………………They ate.

“Here, come take my quark, my time vest is ready to run and go visit this young man, I will wait for you here…………….

……………………There was a great blue thickness Mela, surrounding Abendego’s body

Dave ran into the rest room. There was a 6 foot man looking down at him, There was another who had a ghostly shape.

A Daytron started to grab Dave’s head. Dave started to scream…..Abendego jumped the Daytron. The Daytron’s tail was flapping right and left trying to hit Abendego. It was making a loud banging sound.

Hide in the stall yelled Abendego., Dave ran into the stall as ordered. His eyes were so big at that time that one would wonder what could happen next. Dave pushed hard on the door.

and the Daytron disappeared.

The shape covered Dave’s mouth. And then shakes some of the cake off his hands.

I am Abendego and he is Mela, we need to talk to you. Dave was wiping the cake off his face and dipping his glasses under the running water to get the last of the cream cake off. “What in the world was that and why did he attack me?”

With a deep base voice Abendego smiled and handed him a wet paper towel., “Now, remember these three things: Strive not with a man or woman without cause, if he or she have done you no harm. Envy not the oppressor and choose none of his ways. You can tell the dark side by their fruits. Please don’t tell any one you saw that creature.

“Sure, I try to do that anyway, sir. But you are a stranger and I really am not suppose to talk to you so I must go now.

“But, when you meet a Captain, tell her that she is loved by her dad and she will be your guide.” he then taped Dave on the shoulder: as Dave started to say something but the blob like being covered Abendego and they both disappeared. Dave shook his head, That could not have happen they are still looked around and went knocking on each stall to stall knocking to see where the man was hiding. He stood there with his mouth open when his brother came up to him………………………………………………………….

>>> Traveling through time you have to be ready for anything to happen the (crystal) method of returning. A racing mobile or a stampede of animals. His friend forgot to advance the time to his home. Even Protonians that are peaceful and mostly calm Nature people have their moments.

“You don’t like my cooking! I made it just like your mom taught me.” hollered a Evonal lady.

“But you left something out or added something to it.” Her husband argued.

“It’s my kitchen!”

“No, its our kitchen!” he shook his finger at her.

She grabbed the pan of food tossing it into the air.

Abendego stood right in the middle of an argument between a husband and wife. He startled the female when he suddenly appeared out of no where.

She slung the pan of cold Warsoda and hit abendego and her husband with the cold meal. Both had its gravy dripping from their heads and faces. The pan just missed Abendego’s head.

The woman turned a bright red, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” She ran into the house and came out with some wet wash cloths. “Please go to our rain room on your right while I wash your clothes. Demeso, my son, get some clothes for this man.” Both of the men wiped the gravy off their faces as the Lady handed them some wash cloths.

The custom for Protonians were to always respect company to give them the best.

“Abendego just chucked, “This must be a day for my relatives to be a mess.” He was guided inside to their rain room with some clothes and cleaned up; then came out of the room and was asked to sit down and waited for his clothes to be cleaned.

“You can not leave before I have fed you.” She smiled and left the room.

I have eaten my supper already.

Oh, I have something sweet that my son will bring to you.

Thanks, for that gift.

While the lady was gone fixing her company food, her husband came up to him, “I am so sorry for our being out of control. We are newly married and have not mastered togetherness, yet.”

“I’m glad it was cold and not hot Warsoda. My mom use to make that too. Just remember my friend that your wife will never make or do things like mom did. Because it’s not meant to be that way. Your wife is a different person and raised different. I had to learn a whole culture, world, and race from my wife. Her cooking and words were so weird. Can you an imagine what a world would be like that said they had fried chicken.

“Well, first I would have to know what a chicken was and what is fried.

“Yes, and when I asked her what was an Apple pie; she laughed so hard that it made me not only turn red but feel really dumb. I had to walk and cool off for many hours.”

Abendego smiled at the young Evonal man and touched his arm. They sat and ate together and Abendego walked out of the house and went to the train system that they had……………………………..

A huge dog like animal came up licking Abendego’s arm. He reached down and pet his old friend. “Come, here Ruffle.” Ruffle was a Renola what Earthlings called a wolf. They were domesticated on Proton. They were family pets. There were no dogs on Proton or fish (only tiny montos a type of plankton exist for the water people. Rumor had it that there was beautiful rainbow fish and blue fish but the cruel Partarians people took them all. Others say that something in the water killed them while still others say they never existed at all.

{NOTE: Describe house more:)

There before Abendego was a huge HUNDRED FEET LENGTH cedar type tree with a sky-blue door. On the second story there was stairs reaching many branches. It must have been 10 stories tall. His grandfather found this tree when he landed here from his space ship, Aldreep. From the front of this tree you could see two windows with shelves. In those shelves was red flowers that looked like roses. There were the Demzom herb that all was suppose to grow and have on hand. It was not only considered a good luck herb but was tasty in many of their meals. This herb had an unusual affect on those who used it. It would taste different to each person. It also was very relaxing herb so that one should not use but a touch of it in their meals. Abendego remembered how his wife accidentally put to much and they both fell asleep on the bus and had to be brought home by the Zeekel people. The Zeekel people were the overseers of the people. They took care of the health of the Protonian people. They were the healers of the planet. Abendeo’s great grandmother was a Zeekelian. He did not inherent the talent.

{demo: Abendego’s talent} He and Charger walked into the round door with four windows. “would you like some Seesmome Tea? Asked Abendego. He walked over to the stove like counter “Some Seesmome Tea for two please.” Some lights came on in a box on the counter.

The sweet door music played. It was something of his wife’s choosing Baytovan and the speaker announced, “I am the Queen and wish to discuss a matter with you.”

Oh no, that woman. She is going to spoil everything. She wasn’t suppose to be here until tomorrow, thought Abendego.

Meal: Breakfast: french toast: 2 eggs and 2 1/2 cups of milk.  beat eggs in milk.  Drop one at a time one slice of bread.  Place each on a griddle.  Serve with jam, jelly or syrup.

Lunch: chilly dog: your favorite chilly recipe, hot dog bun, hot dog, cheese, mustard and relish.  Can put sour cream on top.  Boil dog, warm chilly, and grill bun.  Add dog to bun, chilly and add cheese and can place in oven to melt cheese.  Add pickle relish and top with sour cream on top.  MMMMMMMMMM

Supper: Swedish meatballs:  raw rice, ground beef, onion, s and p, and crackers,  Mix all together and make into balls.  Heat on med . heat. in pan.  Brown on all sides until golden.  Pour two cans cream of mushroom soup and one can of water  (be sure to mix the soup and water separate) over the meat balls and simmer for about 30 min or until done.  Take one meat ball apart to see if all is brown.  Rice should be done.  My mom made this when I was small.  Enjoy this good recipe.  If you can not eat cream try it with stewed tomatoes.  So good.

craft: Bug: Make a huge pompom.  Need three pipe cleaners  If you like big bug eyes you can buy wiggle eyes or make eyes with tiny pompoms and black maker to paint for center eyes.  Make pompom by wrapping yarn around three fingers or around a square cardboard.  If you want a big bug wrap around several times up to 100 times.  Cut with wire cutters cut two pipe cleaners in half.  the last one cut into thirds.  glue ends to make legs and two of the smaller three as antenna into the huge pompom.  Put eyes on in the front.

game: catch the balloon: (pow wow pg 228) filled with water and are flipped with a towel.  Two teams of four flip water filled balloon between them They start out three feet apart and with each progressive flip they each step back one pace.  They continue in this manner until the balloon bursts.  If you miss you get wet.  Can be done by groups.

organize: Very wise to have a list of staples that your family uses.    Buy when you can.  Even if it is one payday at a time.  There is also a great idea to make a shopping list for all the weeks that you will use.  If want to make a recipe and suddenly realize that you do not have all the supplies at the time meal is slow down.  I did not read a container correctly and thought I was going to make sloppy Joes.  To my surprise there was not meat just sauce.

Funny Happening: I had one of those days when every thing I touched went into the floor.  Part of me wanted to throw the mash potatoes across the room instead they fell on the floor.  The meal was burnt the drinks spilt.  The children crying.  Instead of screaming and running around the room I went to the bathroom and just said du du du du.


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