Dance Ego


I took this picture at the Butterfly Palace.  I was thinking about how the butterflies dance.  How some people have such big egos that they do not see the forest for the trees. Their eyes are not open to what is real.  They interpret everything according to their ego.  This person feels that everyone else is wrong according to their ego.

Ego dance is their ideals are shades of grey.  Their ego flutters away as the butterfly.

I loved the butterfly seat that is made of a metal frame.  We can frame our bodies toward the light and be strong against the waves of life.  We can and we will hold on to the light of justice.  Because we are free willed we can either fly away or stand for something.  We do not need to leave our ego stand in our way.


Talk tomorrow as it is getting late.  Recipes and more will be be on this blog tomorrow.  Have a good day.

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