Flower for You

jly 210

lol.  You say that is not a flower.  I remember a time my husband said that we were going to the “Garden of the gods.  It was rocks to my surprise.  For this wooden sculpture beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  At one time the wooden beauty was a living tree.  It shade the land and animals.  It was home to many animals.  Wood does so much for man.  What a blessing it is.  Just think from a tiny seed some may grow so large a car can go through.  A tree gives homes to birds and bugs.  It can give man a home.   When it falls it can be burned for warmth during the cold winder months.

Wisdom: mothers are like a tree.  They are Strong and makes homes better like the branches of a tree that stretches out with love to many people.  They sacrifice much for the benefit of all around them.

Never take them for granted for once they are here and another minute she is gone.  I was I had said more and did more for her before she past and I miss her much.

Breakfast:   Make this the night before: sausage and waffles (Belgian) (see supper)

2 (2/3) c. flour; 2 (1/4) tea. dry yeast; 2 Tab. sugar; 1 tea. salt; 1 (3/4) c. milk; 1/4 c. water 1/4 c butter; 3 eggs; 1 tea. Van.  pecans

First mix dry.  Warm milk, butter,  and water to 120 and add the mixed dry .  Beat eggs and add them one at a time on low speed. Add van.   Cover bowl with plastic wrap and foil .  Cool overnight and pour 3/4  cup batter in preheated grit. drop a few pecans on top   close to cook according to your Waffle cooker.  When one is cooked cover with cloth and add another waffle and recover the cloth each time.

For meal   Decide which juice and either cook all the waffles all this day or use mix another day.  If your toaster is large you can toast them the next day which is a quick breakfast.  I knew a woman who had then for supper and froze the rest for another day.  Some make sandwiches with the bread.  You can be inventive.

Lunch: Bolony and cheese Sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes.

for supper (start in morning) Chick and Potatoes crock pot meal

4 chicken breast or chicken pieces that you like; 2 tea. Italian seasoning; 9 potatoes peeled and cut into 1/4ths.  1 can of cream of chicken soup; and 1 (10 z ) carton of sour cream.  Add chicken to cooker and season.  Then add potatoes.  Then in a wol add soup, cream , and salt and pepper.  Then drop mix on chicken.  cook low 4 to 6 hrs.  Last half hour add cheese mix (1 cup of chedar and two cups moz.  on top.

desert: banana splits wow

have a great day and if a lady a happy mother’s day




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