Waves of smiles


The rush of the waves slapping the rocks and spraying my face promise of rain

The sun last casting its rays upon my face as dusk becomes real lace of

the colors of yellow orange and blue

As we end the day and sum of what did we did and for whom we did we did it.

Wisdom: Can we learn from what happened today.  Do we change and what do we change?


Parenting: Ask your child how was their day today.  If you can manage it take each child a different day for a doughnut or ice cream and really talk to them.  No cell phones or tv.  Just you and the child.


breakfast: Orange juice, Muffin and scramble eggs: make a sandwich

Lunch: Tuna sandwiches  a mixture of boiled eggs, pickles, mayo

Supper (or what some call dinner)   can Tomato soup mixed with stewed tomatoes  and cheese sandwiches

Funny happenings:   One day I decided that my children were okay to be left home alone.  My daughter was the age I was when I took care of my brother.  It was a great outing with some ladies.  We were to learn new hand sewing stitches.  I got a phone call from my daughter.  “Your son acted up and I dumped flour all over his head.  I was stunned and was not sure what to say but I would be home as soon as I could.  I imagine flour everywhere.  When I got home there was no flour anywhere.  She had cleaned all of it up.  Children will surprise you in how they handle problems.    Messes or not we can learn from what happens.  We all can be resourceful when we believe in self.

Craft:  Find scrap material and make different sizes bags.  Use left over trim to sew on the bags.  Can also tie dye bag and sew trim at top or bottom of bag.

game:  kick ball:with chalk mark several size boxes from the wall to where you are going to kick.  Make a point system.  The points can be from 1 to 10 and then kick the ball  against the wall and see where the ball lands.  After 20 min who has the most points wins.

Have a great day.  Take time to smile for someone needs it……..PS it could be you.


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