jly 092

There are two roads and which do you take.  Did you get directions?  Or did you get directions at all?  We all have challenges.  We sometimes do not know which road to take.  If a baby does not get guidance most likely it will get hurt more than the giving a good mom.  I look at my baby chicks, ducks, and geese who depend on me.  They need feed and water .

Wisdom: Before you step look around for danger.  If you don’t you could fall and over a mountain.



Some meals can be simple as cereal, toast, and some fruit.  Lunch going out to eat or just re-invent your left overs.  Supper Hot dogs and chips.  Every once in a while be gentle with your self.  Some times we mothers over do it and really mean to our self.

Life happens and tonight I will end this short because I need to pray for my cousin I was told he is dying.

parenting: Be sure to pay attention to your children.  We never know how long we will have them.



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