Saying Good-bye

jly 202

Wisdom: Saying good-by to our loved one is a sad parting. Death seems like forever. How we handle this parting as the waves of the ocean waving good-by determines how our future will become.


Cin. toast and fruit for breakfast.  This type of toast was made when I was going to nursery school.  The lady would pre-heat the temp. 350.  Mix 1 tea. and 1/2 cin and cup sugar in small mixing bowl.  Slice butter thin.  Place 4 or 5 slices on each slice of bread.  Then sprinkle the sugar mix all over each slice of bread that has been placed on a baking sheet.

Lunch:  Can of soup; cheese:  frozen broccoli and french bread.

Supper (dinner) stuffed potatoes: left over chili, bake you potatoes; warm your chili and then cover your baked potato with chili, cheddar cheese and sour cream.  and your favorite salad on the side.

craft: Each child or person Draws around their hand and cut each out and make several.  Choose different colors and each hand put a compliment.  For those who can not write get help.  Can put a hole middle finger  and bottom of arm and hang several compliments.

game  Hot potato: get a small ball and a group of people gets into a circle. Each person passes the ball to another person –fast like it is a hot potato. Have some favorite music playing and turn it off and who has the hot potato when the music stops is out.  This is an old game.  Not sure how old or who made it.  I added music to the game.

Story: There was a lady who carried a paint board on her head.  She wanted to color her canvas with many colors.  She loved to smile and help as many people as she could.  But one day she was not smiling and her friends asked her what is wrong.  “my colors are all wrong”

To right my wrong I must use bright colors not dark.  To make daylight I must make music with my colors that make others smile.

Death is only a door to another world when our job is done.  Those who are left behind just remember what he or she did that was good.  Life is precious and do not take it for granted.

Have a great day.

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