Focus Today

jly 072

Sometimes we feel like the lone wolf.  Doing things just by our self and trying to know all the answers.   There is so much to learn by focusing on today and asking others for advice.  This is the best leader to lead with wisdom from others and seeking the most High for clarity.

Wisdom:  Focus Today: it’s better to forget and forgive the past and stand your ground today for righteousness; and look for adventure toward tomorrow.

Organize: Some times we are so disorganized or angry that we can not focus on how to start a room.  I discovered the best way is grab movie DVD player and play movies.  This seem to calm me down and something funny really helped.  Hearing this in the background helped me get motivated.  Before I knew it I was really cleaning.  To you you may need music instead.  Start in one corner and keep going until you clean that corner.  If you stop to eat, sleep or what ever just come back and just do it.  I got these ideas from some loved ones and some of the things I learned from the past the hard way.


Poor Boy Meals: Breakfast: Egg cups:   Grease custard cups for each person; Put a Tablespoon of bread crumbs on bottom of each cup.  chopped potatoes that is left over potatoes fried or hash browns and add to each cup.  then beat up eggs in another bowl. place about a tablespoon of egg in each cup.  Place grated cheddar and moz mix cheese on top  bake until golden.

left over meats and cheese layered on some bread to make a poor boy sandwich.

Super: Creamed boiled eggs. Toast, boiled eggs, cream gravy.  Cube eggs and put in gravy and put on toast.  S and P as you like.


craft: button  people.  grab some different colored buttons.  Glue and pipe cleaners.  Can use colored paper or crayons.  glue buttons on a piece of paper with three colors or same color of different sizes.  The top button being the smallest size.  Can glue pipe cleaners for arms and legs.  You can use crayons to make a background.

Story starter:

There was a door behind the sofa.  No one went out and no one came inside of the door.  There was noises from the door.  I could hear laughter from inside the door.  But how do I get inside of the door behind the sofa.  There must be a new time and a new place for me.  What is ……..

We can try to be the alone wolf but more we try the more we find we can not exist on this planet alone.  What we do has consequences that can affect you for the rest of your life; good or bad.  The howl of the wolf can be heard from a long distance.  This is  as our deeds can also extend for eternity.

Have a great day and do sometime good for someone to make them feel good and most of all to make you feel life is awaken.  Focus on the light.



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