Hands Out

jly 428

I made this little holder for the doll and I called it Flower Child.  I often though how I learned how to make this took some effect on my part.  I just fell into my job as I would like to say.  I saw an amish lady selling them and I bought one.  I saw it and said I could change it and make it my own.  It was fun to give each one a name.  Candy Cane, Rainbow, Angel,  fortune Cookie, Ice, Lightening, Pink Lady and Spirit Lore to name a few.

Wisdom: Fragel arms reach out as a child wishes for holding — for just someone to love them.  It has been said a child will die if not loved.  Love is a strong bond that creates life.  Love is charity that is uncounditionally connects lives.  Adult or child needs love as well as an animal.


See me at craftyc12  on etsy if you want more infor about my products.

Breakfast:  4 eggs 1 c of milk, 1 c flour 1 tablespoon of sugar.  Put all into blender.  Blend.  Heat griddle on med. heat.  drop by tablespoons on each pancake.  Sprinkle blue berries or nuts on top and flip over after each one is bubbly.

Lunch: Melted cheese with tomato toast.

Supper:   Take breast of chicken lightly smear prepared mustard on each piece.  Then layer swiss cheese and then ham  and on top of that parmesan cheese and panco  on top. Bake 350 degrees.  Bake about 25 min or until pressed and runs clear.

Parenting: Discovering your children is the greatest blessing there can be.  Take time… make the time to talk to each.  Wash dishes with them and even when they have to stand in a chair; and make the largest mess washing dishes they will have memories.  You will have fun.

Game: grab one of the old games from a box and just play.  Even if it is to throw a ball to them.

craft: Theme: Trees: draw a tree and what can be in a tree.

Have a great day



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