Parenting Book


To love a cat– of course it has a personality– It loves for someone to pet it.  I remember seeing a goose petting a cat with its neck.  Now that was strange.  But I saw it from my window.  A child needs that petting and holding.

It has been shown that human beings love to be petted.  I stress it is so important to hold a child and to softly talk to him/her.  Songs can make the journey of parenting so easy.  Make cookies and sand castles.  Make time to play with your child/ children.  They need you more than you realize.  It depends on their life.

They will surprise you at what they know or who they are.  Enjoy them for they grow up so fast.  Turn around and they are grown.  I am not kidding.  This happen to me.   Have a great smile-day.

Wisdom: Someone like this cat is always watching.  They are taking notes.  Are you prepared?


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