Clean or Cleaner


Organization: twisted as it may be like the twist of this tree.  We may make it more complicated  than we need.  I wrote a child’s story once about an orange slice (from a magical family’s market)  This candy orange slice was crying because he thought he was cleaning his room by taking all of his stuff out of his closet.  The method on how we clean has a lot to do on how much a mess we have to clean.  Some once told me to never make a mess that would take more than 30 minutes to clean.  Easier to say than to do.  My mom stated clean up the eye sores first.  In other words what you see first.



cereal, sandwiches, and for super: left over spaghetti.  How you cook this is fun .  First you place the spaghetti on a baking sheet.  Sprinkle grated cheese on top and place in a 350 pre-heated oven.  Cook until bubbly.  My children love this.

craft:  Heat up a horse shoe nail and bend it…When it cools thread a cord and then double knot the ends together.  You can put  beads also on the cord.

Parenting: Make some cookies with them.  Then learn some first aid with each other and practice with stuff animals.  Have each animal with some king of wound and put a card stating what is wrong with the animal.  It will take some research but the children love doing this.  Have a great day.



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