Not Responsible

Responsible Responsible? Who is responsible?  We look around and wonder who is going to fess up and say, “I did it and  I am in the wrong.”  Who knew that someone had to be humble to utter the words I am sorry.  The only thing is going is pride: I did nothing wrong.  DSCN0901

Imitation sugar of a flower or imitation of anything or the unwillingness to say the words I am sorry is a deep coldness which some do not know how to say.    Some are impatient and use anger with coldness.  However if we press on and try to stay positive when everyone is negative, we can handle almost anything.  We can imagine a different place and look out of the window and see everything calm when nature and people are violent.

Wisdom: Our imagination can be our bandages when life gives us floods.


breakfast: rice, lunch: peanut butter and honey sandwich, and supper: a Potato cheese casserole–1 lbs. hamburger, browned and drained Be sure to season it with Italian  seasoning.  Then add 1 large can of cream of mushroom soup, 1 can cream of potato soup, 1 can of cheese soup, 1 bag of frozen country-style potatoes.  Mix all of your ingredients for supper and place9x13 inch pan. Bake for 400 degrees for about 50  minutes or untio potatoes are done.

craft: octopus: Roll up some left over yarn  into a ball.  Brad 4 long legs.  Gather legs and tie together.  Attach legs to head by sewing it.    Tie a bow under neath the head and sew some eyes and mouth to head.

Organize: Be sure to take a rest break.  Do something fun for an hour.  Life needs balance and we need to make time for those we love.  One moment they are there and the next moment they are gone.

Parenting: Teach them how to hand sew and if you do not know how there are many book and web sites that will help.    I love to give ideas and I hope this helps.  No matter what we are to shape our little ones and they look to us to show them the way.  To finish some work will help them smile and grow so much and guide them to adult hood.

Have a great day.


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