Looking over the fence can  we see the sunset? But it is midday.   If we are to busy we miss the colors and not take a picture of the one of a kind sunset.

What is unique is that every sunset is different.  Every snowflake is different and What can I see and feel each day is also confined to what has happened today.  Our attitude depends on how our day will go.  It gets better when a person gets compliments.

wisdom: Compliments is the gasoline for good attitude.   Too much gas there is a problem; Too little gas is another problem.


breakfast: Beat eggs one more than people you have.  If you do not have that many eggs use other left overs that you have in freg.  I even have used turkey.  For this recipe I add polish sausage to the pan after I cut them in tiny bite size pieces.  Then dump the egg mix into the pan.  Stir until softly cooked. Start supper in crock pot.

This can be a lunch too.  Next a cheese, tomato, and lettuce sandwich can be great.

Supper: chicken thighs for each person. Two cups of water.  If you do not have that much chicken you can make due by adding more vegetables  in it. One teaspoon of chicken bouillon; 1/2 teaspoon each garlic powder, chili powder, Italian seasoning, and one can of stewed tomatoes.  After you cook for about 10 hours on low (high if meat is frozen) dice up bell pepper, onion, and chicken.  Toss 1/2 cup rice (or more if need a filler).  Cook until rice is done.  Be sure not to put too much rice it will double on you and make a mess.  If in you have not worked with rice before just not more than 1 cup of rice.

pudding is a nice cool desert.

Craft: I remember when I was small I use to take yarn and some glue.  I then would glue a can and wind the yarn around the can and keep it close.  Then when dry you can put yarn drawing on it or some cut out pictures from cloth.

Game: Grab several movies and play a few minutes and see how many can guess the name.  Pick a theme or guess the actor or actress.

disasters: Just remember that there is another day and you can live through all of this.  As my husband and I drove through Joplin after the tornado hit it about 5 years ago to pick up his brother who had been in the hospital seeing his mother who had died in this hospital, we can see the tears that so many people had lost.  There is hope as we walk through the shadow of death the light is with us if we allow it.

What do you do if you are bleeding heavy? Press a clean cloth on it with some pressure.   then if you have no cloth push with your hand.  Learn first aid: it is so important.


Parenting: Let your child have a pet of some sort so they learn to care.  Caring is important for a child to learn.  It prepares them for parenthood.  Teaching them kindness will come back to you as a parent.

Don’t let the sun set on your anger.  Children and partner is your family.  They need your back.


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