Gain Understanding

Snow Storm

When the storm happens we try to gain understanding of why?  Just to know something is not yet understanding to fully gain understanding we must first have experience.  that is not to say we have an understanding or knowledge that a stove or pan is hot and will burn you that we must first burn ourselves.  Sin is burning so we have the knowledge that sin is wrong and trust that if we do wrong we will burn {be punished for that wrong}  We can see over and over by history people are punished for their wrongs.  That my friend is proof that wrong doing= punishment; re-pent=sunshine; not doing it at all =conquering other weakness.

It is close to midnight and I see lightening bugs flashing green lights in my window.  I waved at one of them and this one flew away.

Wisdom:  To really have understanding is to gain knowledge.   But to gain both you need experience and with experience towards the light you can gain how to survive the storms of life.  Just like the the beam of light of the lightening bug the light lights its way through the darkness.


Recipe: Southern Omelet: bacon   Fry until crisp.  Beat 3 eggs and pour into a warm pan.  Be sure to grate your favorite cheese. As soon as you flip your omelet spread your cheese on top.  Roll omelet and be sure to have your favorite chili ready: warm.    When the omelet is ready place in a plate.  Pour the chili on top and sprinkle a little or a lot of cheese on top of this.  If you like put a 1/4 cup of sour cream on top of this.  MMMMMMMMM

Lunch: chief salad: Your choice of meats, lettuce and cheeses.  What I like is cubed cheddar or grated and boiled eggs.  Slice ham and slice beef with sliced tomatoes can be added.  Adjust your dressing according to your liking.

Supper: Fried Polish sauage with fried potatoes and a salad.

game: Part dance which is an exercise:  Pick your favorite music.  Cut different colored long ribbons  and with the music have each dance with the ribbons high in the air according to the beat of the music.  Be sure that the people do not get caught.  they need to be in distance away from the others but the dance is fun.

craft: three different cords.  With a clothes pin hold down the cords.  Place one over two and under and three over.  Repeat.

Parenting: Give your children an allowance.  Tell them that they will get such and such for what they do around the house.  If times are hard and money is too tight give them points of things they can do extra.  An extra free time of no chores. can be a help.  Give them an extra hug today.

organize: Get some file folders and label what bills you have.  Put bills and receipts inside each.

Have a great day.



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