Many holes in a tree
  • Life seems like many holes that you never know which hole you will come out of this time or the next.  What is the guaranty?  Well my friend there is not guaranties in this life.  I may sometimes not write due to having the blues.  I was watching a show where a lady put everything about her life on the enternet and was all smiles and positive pictures.  This got me to thinking to share funny and hard times so that many who do read know that hard times happen to all: that is the fact of life.
  • One day I was traveling with my children.  The bus ride was ruff with tiny babies.  What happened? There was a bus strike.  I was hundred miles from home.  I was stuck.  You do what you have to do.  Grace had it we had a mother in law who picked us up.  Rely on someone is important. Can can do nothing by ourself.  Do our best and others can add to the rest.  We need to learn all that we can in this life to survive.
  • Game: Robot turn: With a bag on the main player the director ( one with the remote) tells the robot where he (she) should go.  The goal is to touch the shoulder of the players.  The robot holds his hand out to touch other players.  If touches the player the player is out.
  • Craft:  totem Pole: paint: construction paper, water color, scissors, white glue, paper towel tube, crayons…….   Make faces on the construction paper and color the faces with crayons.  Then wash with a blue or other color on each face.  Let dry.  Glue on towel tube.
  • Recipe: breakfast: Huevos Rancheros: Warm refried beans.   Bacon, Onions, green and red peppers, minced garlic, tomatoes chopped, flour tortillas.  Some like corn tortillas instead.    Make sauce: First fry bacon then add onions, peppers, garlic tomatoes.  Some gently lay the egg (s) on tomato sauce.  When the egg(s) are done flip.   Others cook their eggs seperately.  If that is the way you like your eggs.  fry the tortilla slitly and then lay the sauce on top the tortilla and then eggs.  Some top this with cheese.  Tacos for lunch: Meat sauce that I made in other blog.  Cheese, tomato, lettuce, and taco shell.  Supper is chili with left over meat and your favorite beans.
  • parenting: Show them how to wash clothes.  How do you seperate them.
  • Try to leave no holes: show all the grace and love to your spouce, friends, family, children, or whoever is in your life.  Time ticks away and try to do your best and Heavenly Father will do the rest.  It may not always be what we want but it is for our best.
  • Organize: Get a suportive group that will tell you you can do it; believe in yourself.
  • Story starter: The clock stopped.  The door opened.  There was?
  • Plug your hole today by helping someone today.

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