Straw that broke the camel’s back


We can see our world sideways.  Sometimes we have clumsy days where every thing goes wrong.  I decided to put a button in my gadget and not only did I not find a button but I decided to adopt one-off my towel holder.  As I was undoing my last stitch the button flew into the air and before I knew it it was lost.  My only button I had in the world and this was for a job I was going to take.  I spent the whole morning looking for this button and it was lost.bead container.

Suddenly I realize that I had some buttons in my jewelry box.   Great!  I put the button in the button foot and as I put the foot on the foot flipped up and the new button was also lost……   I looked for the new button and guess what my plastic containers fell off the shelf.  Beads and paper clips flew every where.    Oh my I need to leave the room.  I was not getting anything done

Wisdom: how to understand the clumsy day?  To mold us unto the person I need to be: not bitter but have patience and to think what do we need to do different.

Breakfast:  Fry potatoes or use leftovers.  drain grease and beat up eggs.  pour eggs over potatoes and grate cheese over them.  gently toss all until done.  Sprinkle salt and pepper.

Cream of celery and cheese sandwiches

Supper: Meat loaf: Mix beef, bread, egg, onion, worcestershire, salt and pepper, 1/4 teaspoon mustard, 1/8 garlic powder 1/2 cup ketchup  and 1 teaspoon of chili powder  S[oon into a ungreased rectangular pan.  Spoon a mixture of brown sugar and  catsup and top of meat loaf.  bake 350 an hour to 1/4 extra

Parenting: Uncontrolable Fussy Child: If you loose it, take a time out in another room.  Leave another trusted child with the fussy child.  If you have not lost it or when you cool off.  Sit on the floor.  Look into their eyes and tell them it will be okay.  Talk slowly and keep stating it will be okay….

self helps: Take 15 min to half hour of silence.  Breathe in and out slowly especially when you are angry.  Consentrate only on your breathing and then imagine there is a light on the other side of the room.  The light of Christ.

organize:  When something fails think about how to change it.  My boxes keep falling: why? See if there is something making them off balance.  Seek other answers.

Story starter:  Her big green eyes peeked up out of the bushes.  She jumped up out and said…..

Crafts: string art:   draw a picture like a mountain scean and then take yarn or string that is left over and glue detail on the picture.  This make it 3d.

games: make tortela: 2 cups of flour, 1/2 teaspoon of salt. 1 teaspoon bacing powder. Mix up and take up your fist and push down into the flour.  This is how much veg. oil that is needed for the tortela.  Use two knives and cut up until flaky and mixed.  Add water a little at a time.  Make a dough.  Roll into tiny balls.  Next, Roll into a flat pancake

You can either fry them or just cook them like a pancake.  Children love to make this.  Let them make it.  Sure they will make a mess.  But it is okay.  You will never trade this moment for any other when you are old and gray.  Memories are great for you and your children, and children that you work with.  Special moments that you do with children they will remember always.  In fact everyone one you meet you leave a piece of your self with them.  Wow, what a responsibility.


As I look out of my window And darkness is all I see

only a dog is barking that had been set free

and this night no fire flies is winking at me

No matter how clumsy is starking me

Or how rotten the day went I have this to look forward to be

Tomarrow blue skys and a wish for a Great new day to set free  CS

It may feel like the staw that broke your back but remember that all is well and there will be another tomorrow. Never give up.  You are important.  Someone is always watching. Smile and let your teeth breathe I was told when I was small.


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