Wisdom: Notice the tree in the middle part is fully bloomed. The other part has only limbs.  As in life we sometimes only have half the knowledge in what we should do or see.  With meekness we can gain more knowledge.  With that knowledge  we can gain wisdom.  With this wisdom we can and must choose and have the courage to do  what is right. Sure there are those around us who do choose what is wrong.  Wrong is wrong and there is no shades of gray. There is no half right and half wrong.  Just a little wrong is wrong.

Can we repent? Yes.  We will pay the consequences. But that is a given for the sin.  We can learn by the wisdom to be humble and admit to our self that we did wrong and now we will not do that again and take steps in that choice in correcting that mistake.  The first step is admitting to our self we did do it.  Then correct it.

Parenting and organizing: Spend 30 min teaching a child how to file papers.  Have some outdated checks, pretend bills, things to file (folders) and teach how to budget: financial.  Depending on how old they are, let them learn.  There is those piles and always remember to teach them what is important and what to throw away.  Let them choose.  If you do it with them you will gain a bond with them.  If you choose to clean their room without them you hurt them a long time.  I remember my parents sending me out of the room and throwing most of my things away.  I lost a story that will ne ver be found again.  It hurt so much that it took years for me to forgive.  Don’t do that to your child.  Teach them how to organize their self.  Do not do for their self hurts them when they are old with their own children.

Craft: Pop cycle sticks, and glue.   Make a theme and the group will make something out of it.  For example a cabin or a town in pioneer times. Then the group each makes an object for this theme.  Can even have a prize for this craft.

game: Each person sits back to back.  Each states a word and the other guesses what the word is.  Another game is ha ha and not sure where it comes from but every one lays on the floor and states ha.. ha ha… ha ha ha…  and before you know it everyone is laughing.

recipe: fried potatoes and ham.  Fried eggs. and toast:  Fry some bacon in a pan.  Dice some potato and add to bacon.  Add the potatoes to pan with bacon and when bacon done remove from pan.  When potatoes are  done add diced pieces of ham.  Fry your eggs like you lke them. and make up the start the toast.  flip your eggs and meal is done.

Lunch:  Smile:  Make the time to smile.  No that is not lunch it is to just to say in our busy funny life we forget to smile.  Make the time to say hello.  Just give something to someone just because we want to be different person.  Make something they want and if you live by you self drop by an old folks home or some charity and give something from your heart.

Supper: Chicken Cacciatore: oil, onion,  chicken, garlic chicken, tomatoes stewed tomatoes, oregano, basil, garlic powder, celery seed, pepper,   I usually just sprinkle lightly the seasonings over the stuff I am cooking and it is just right.    Just cook slowly the onion in the oil and when it is clear looking; then add the chicken and cook on med. just enought to brown.  Then add tomatoes and the stewed tomatoes.  Then lightly sprinkle about 1/4 teaspoon of each seasoning.  Cook for about 30 min.  and when done serve with rice or noodles.  You could serve with mash potatoes.  It depends on what you have or feel like eating.  A salad would also be a nice choice or green beans.

Desert: Trifle:  This is a fun dish you can even take to a family gathering or make a smaller version with small bowls.  You need cake, jello, pudding, whip cream and on top of that you can decorate it with your favorite jam and or nuts.  On the bottom place cut pieces of cake.  then jam or jello, then pudding, whip cream, and keep layering it until you get to the top of your bowl.  I have even put cheap snack cakes inside too.  This is fun and most of the time it is gone.  Experiment and have fun and can let family make it too.  Have a great smile-ly day.

Story Starter:The clock struck 12 midnight.  A fire fly blinked at me and suddenly I was on a ship and guy that looked like a piret looked at me and I………………………………..

Jump from one day to another day.  We often need to jump at certain time in case of emergency.  I remember canoeing and an experence canoer told me to jump and I listened.  Suddenly a branch swept over the canoe and where I would have been sitting.  She saved me becaused I listened to experience even though she  was younger than me..  Wisdom tells us that if we listen to knowlege and not age that we will go farther in life.  In this case could have saved my life.  Have a smile-ly day.


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