Mountain to climb


There are shadows and some rocks that seem mountains in our way.  How can we climb a mountain when we can not climb the small rock that are before us?  There are shadows.  There is dry land where there should be rain.  Some People do not notice evil.  They believe lies and do not seek the truth.  We should be asking why some of those who govern us do not seek the truth.

Wisdom: Courage and truth =  gift of justice

recipe:  make some scramble eggs, cooked  bacon, and grated cheese.  Warm a tortea and fill with bacon eggs and grated cheese, warm in oven on low heat or microwave 10 sec or until cheese is melted.

lunch: One of my favorite is honey and peanut butter  can be on toast or plain bread.

supper: Fish and chips,   bake fish as directed on package with frozen potatoes.


Parenting skills and organizational skills: teaching of listening skills by giving one-step directions to do simple house hold chores.  Like Empty the green wastebasket, please.  Say the direction only once and ask your child to repeat it to make sure it is understood.  if not understood repeat the words.  Listening skills are so important to teach at the youngest age.

crafts:  pie plate, paint, marbles  squart a few drops of paint on paper inpie plate. Drop the marbles in the pan and roll around the pan.  From Sweet Pickles” weekly reader

Story starter: Everyone let her get her way and before you knew it many lost their……………

self help: Make time to sitand think about what is going on with your life.


Rocks in our way remember rocks was once sand or melted rock and it can by our meekness and determinationwe can wither it away one step at a time.  No shadow can hurt us if we stand strong.  Things may not go our way  but in the end All will work out for the best.


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