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Wisdom:  Deer run …. Deer run or the barb wire will get you.   Mahatma Gandhi stated “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. ”  There is a time to fight and there is a time for peace.  To know the difference will keep one from having a black eye.


Biscuits best 1 qt of flour 2 heaping t of baking powder and pinch of salt, 2 T oil or lard.  enough milk or water to make a dough.  If you want an easy method to drop biscuits from a tablespoon add more liquid to dough; if not make it a dough that you can roll out… Let rest and flour board if rolling out.  baking 450 for 10 to 15 min until golden.  Nice recipe you can use for dumpling.  For lunch or supper save dough and add cheese or chives.  Some even add bacon bits.  Make a gravy by frying bacon two or three slices and as it cooks when there is some grease add three tablespoons of flour  and stir until flour is  golden.  Then add about three cups of milk or water.  Some use can milk with 1 can of water.

Lunch or supper: Then with gravy add some veg and meat to make a meat pie top with drops of biscuits mixed with cheese and chives.

How to keep order when there is so many distractions?  focus on your to do lists and try starting with a few orderly items at first.  Remember to spend less than you make and save at least 10 percent.

As a potter I threw pots and felt the soft clay threw my fingers,  not violent lol it is a potter’s term.  As I pulled the clay up and as I centered the clay my thumb pushed into the clay and gentle ly pulled out my fingers as I touched the clay it felt as if I was touching skin.  I think of Jesus as the life: the breath of life Man canjmake pots but only Heavenly Father can make man and woman. Play with some clay today and have fun.

We have distractions in life but if we focus on the light we plan we will have confidence.


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