World without you


I think about Red–A Hero– who unknowing to us risked his life for a hen and her thirteen little chicks.  Unknown to us both had been missing as we thought that had bed killed.  Did not know that of the chicks until my husband had seen her sneeking to get feed in the morning.  As a city person not knowing how many kill chickens I was heart broken at our lost loving 13 chicks and seeing them grow to have feathers and having their own personalities.  It was great to see the hen with her chicks.  We never saw Red again.  One night we think  opossim got allout chicks and their mom.

Wisdom: Sometimes we can wonder what the world would be like without us.There was was a movie ” a Wonderful life”  as he soon discovered that the world would be worst.  Every thing we do affects so many lives.  What we do and not do makes the world turn a different way.  Make sure what you do makes the light of you brighter.  If your light is dim brighten it by helping someone.  Say high to someone low.  See someone in need do what you can and help with the guiding light.  You know who is the guiding light is and it is inside of your heart if you are good.

organization:  Over coming procrastination  set up goals, work for specified rewards make something you normally do and enjoy contingent upon doing the avoided tack; use a profit penalty system  combination

Set up reminders: slogons, signs notes and lists

Bits and pieces approach do little bits or pieces of delayed task to reach the major goal rather than an all or nothing approach.

Riding the wave of inertia like the waves of the ocean: when you get going, keep going even if it involves switching tasks

five-minute plan: agree to start a project and stay with it for 5 min consider another five minutes: one bite at a time and you can do it.  You are okay.  You are meant to be here.  No mater what bad things other say.  You have a right to be here in the here and the now.

Polish sausage, eggs, green and red bell pepper.    Depends on how many people you have or how hungry you are.  Slice sausage in bite size pieces.  Beat up eggs one less on how many people you are going to feed.  One fourth each of green and red pepper.  Put about a tablespoon on olive oil in a pan and place sausage in pan and cook until golden and then add beaten eggs, and cut up peppers.  If you like you can put some favorite cheese too.

Lunch: Grilled cheese and milk.

Supper: Steak and baked potato and if you can not buy a steak you can save up for it during the month and have it at the end of the month or next month.  When I was on food stamps at the time  one time I would get vegetables and the next I would get meat.  I even got expensive fish the next month because I had budgeted my food just right.

Craft: Make flowers: Cut pieces of ribbon the same strips.  This depends on how large a flower you want.  Cut a circle and cut two more circles several sizes. Glue them together.  Then Glue overlapping the ribbons touching the circles.  You can use material instead make a head band.  You can push a pipe cleaner threw and put your flowers in a vase

Story starter:  The door slammed  opened and there was red eyes in the distance.  An owl hooted in the darkness.  He jumped the sound of the door caught him off guard.  He quickly grabbed his gun.  He looked out of the door Oh no……………………………….

Parenting:  Go to a doughnut shop and eat a doughnut with one child.  Take time with each child and ask how was their day, school, or any thing you can think of.  You can even ask them their music choice or color choice.  Be sure to tell the others they will have their time.  If times are hard and you can not buy one just make something together at home ..Just the two of you.

game: get two jump  ropes and  sing songs together while you jump.  Have fun and good exercise.  Face each other and before you know it you both could be laughing.

Have a great day.  Without you it would be a sad day.  You are important to this world.  A world without you would not be a world at all.

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