Shell That is broken

jly 222

I was reminded that we like a shell on the ocean is broken  Many things out in life can take us by surprise and yank us off our feet and throw us to the ground.  Other times every thing is going for us and we feel like nothing can go wrong.  One day the winning just stops.  We do not understand what people are saying.  Some of us just gives up.  Others brush off their pants and jumps up and states.   Everyone has something broken about them The challenge is what to do with the broken pieces.  What to do with the broken past.  Focus on what you can do and not the past.  Its like a computer. I was told garbage in is garbage out.  Remember: Star dust dreams in and star dust dreams out.

Breakfast: cinnamon toast, peach, and milkfrom Goose Berry Patch Garfield Recipes with Cattitude states Paint a face on toast just for fun Combine one tablespoon…

lunch: cheese and mac

supper bakened chiken mashed potatoes

Organization: Be sure to put boxes or bags or suit cases in car  the night before  if traveling.  Also the night before have clothes, keys, and etc for the morning.  This will make your morn go faster and better.

Have a goal of get rid of two boxes or a handful of clothes that you do not ware.  Donate something even if it is your time and you will feel better——————————-

Help one of your children surprise and do his or her chore.






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