Surrender Midnight

jly 331

Winsdom: Surrinder midnight? and let not the dearkness overcome.  Seek the light and it will show you the way.  I look at this flag and it stands for justice, courage, and freedom.  For all freedom has its consequences.   Good or bad we must understand true treedom.  If we choose darkness darkness will overcome.  If we accept the darkness and say it is okay then we slowly loose our real freedoms.  The point is we make ourself handecapted and not what happens to us does this to us.  We are all winners if we do not surinder to the midnight.

Breakfast:  Omelet: you can put left overs inside or make a cheese one with chili on top.  I even put shrimp inside.  With practice you can make a one to four egg omelet.  Some put a splash of milk in the beaten egg.  While I do not do this.  I roll it like a jelly roll.  I learned this at a fancy resterant.  There is also rosemary potatoes and tomatoes.  Oh there is so much you can do with an omelet.  You can boil some water and add to the side some grits with a little butter to ozz insde.  Toast is great with it too and some chocolate milk.  Some may choose to drink some red grape juice.  Cheese and grape juice is ooooooooo good.

Ham which is baked or fried can we a great quick lunch or dinner.  You can for lunch or dinner or with breakfast add a slice of ham.  baked potato, mashed potato, or candy yams with it can be a great meat.  Ham can we use as a hash with corn, fried potatoes and square of ham.

Organizing: saving or tossing: I found out there is a five WASTE questions, and you’re well on your way to an informed keep or toss decision.

Do you truly like it?  If the item isn’t worthwhile toss it out now if it is move on to the next four question.  If you can not part with it take a picture and give it away.

Use it or loose it.Does it fit in your house?  I got rid of a love seat because it just did not fit in my new living room.  I was silly for not selling the couch also with it and get a smaller one for then I had an oversized couch for a tiny living room.  You should have seen my king sized bed in my tiny bed room.  I had to climb the bed to go to the bathroom.  I surely was not really for my move.

Toss: What will happen if you toss it if not go ahead and unless it must be legally retained.

.  Do you really need the entire thing?  The whole magazine, document, or draft?  Every coordinate of the outfit, even if you only ever wear the pants, the complete catalog and only save the information page.

I am going through many things now and trying to get rid of many things.  I had someone saying they were helping me get rid of stuff and just threw it away.  It was Tupperware.  All was really needed was to wash some dishes.  Why she hated Tupperware was beyond me.  I have forgiven her but she did not realize that I had sold Tupperware and earned every piece.  I believe that those who indulge in too much stuff is this way to handle grief or something missing in their life.  To dump all their belongings in a dumpster is not an answer.  Most will go collect what they lost even more.  It is putting a bandade on a flood it does not work.  Like an alcoholic they need to admit to their self that they have a problem.


Toss a tenous ball into a clothes basket.  With two or more players  see how many balls you can put into the basket.

craft:  collect pictures and cut them out and glue to some construction paper.

Parenting:  Take them to the store to buy a dinner they will fix.  With your help teach them the value of money and that it only spreads so far.  Help them find a recipe that they can cook according to their age group.  They love fixing meals and learning what goes in what makes a big difference.

Story starter:   Oh, I just felt like a dummy.  No one would talk to me and every friend end I had avoied me like I had a dizease;.  Oh, No I see something in my window……..

Have a nice day.


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