Gift of Self

jly 269

Looking at the lines of the tree are intertwined.  It is rugged and it seems that each crevice is touching each other.  Now a tree has many gifts: one it is home to many animals.  The birds’ nest in its branches and sing their songs.  Tiny critters crawl and get warmth in its holes.  Some squirrels climb tree to tree finding their stores of accorns.

There is a gift that each one us gives the gift of self.  Is is good or evil?  Whenever we talk to another person we give a piece of our self.  When we write something down we may be given to generations to come.  Just think of Leonardo Da Vinci some still read and look of his work and he died centries ago.  Jesus died even linger ago and his sayings still live.  We give the gift of self every day we live a good life.  The Bad gift is selfishness and destroys gifts, but the good gift of self lives on forever.———

There are times we are not of our self.  Due to illness or other mishaps that keep us from doing our daily task.  I am sorry when I am not writing every day.  Time sometimes gets away from me or illness zap my energy.  I am a mother  (once you have a child you are a mom forever) and a  craftier all over the place.  I have been Working with people for many years (children and adults).  I do want to help others.  For when you help others you help our self.

Organization:  Have 5 boxes labeled, trash, give away friends, charity, storage or burn or shred.  Remember that a home has both body and spirit.  beautiful home is full of love.  I remember my great grandma had a very small house but it was a home full of love and every one stated that they loved her.

Recipes: breakfast: Cook scramble eggs with bits of bacon.   warm re-fried beans. Warm torteas grate cheese into tortea, add beans, and then add egg mix.  roll up and eat.  Great left over breakfast to use what you have left from the other meals you have.

Roast: Put in crock pot: roast beef, carrots, celery, potato, and a package of onion soup.  This is for supper.  Lunch: corn tortea chips, cheese, lettuce and tomato.  Can melt the cheese 30 sec at a time in microwave or longer in oven.  Some buy a cheese sauce and top the chips with the cheese   Cooked Hamburger can be added after or before the cheese I like to do both.  then when melted I add the lettuce and tomato and yum eat.———————————————–

Craft: make or buy a kite.  Go fly a kite.  Have some fun.  Then make some cookies and give them as a gift to a neighbor.


game: Read about chess.  Learn about the master’s move.

Parenting: Get a coloring book and take turns coloring.  If older children that can write ask them to write a story about the picture you have chosen and then let them choose and write another story.

Story starter: I was about to open a door and then …….

————–The gift of self is like the tree in intertwined with all of those who are near and have a great smile-ly day.


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