Oh No!

jly 420

Sometimes our best plans go flat.  Oh no, I was craving fish.  So after selling my leather goods I stopped near to a fish place.  Everything was going good  fish was tasty and the water refreshing. I was hot and so tired.  The sun was bright and I was tired.  I was not looking around me.  Suddenly I was on the ground.  I had tripped on a block keeping cars from going into the building.  I started to cry the heat was beating down on me.  I tried to get up and suddenly I was afraid of falling.  I was wondering if anyone cared?  I sat there feeling sorry for myself.  A few minutes went by me.

Then a guy came out I remembered that he was apart of the boxing guys.  They had tea shirts on  and stated he could help me but I still was afraid.  He went inside and got a couple more men and with them they left me up and took me to my car.  He stated that I should leave my windows down.  I thanked them much.  After a while having my car started and cooling off some I felt I was ready to go.  Suddenly I realized I had no glasses on and I looked as best as I could but no such thing.  So what do we do when all seem lost.  I prayed That someone would come to help me.  I could not get out I was afraid.  I was thankful that it was not my right knee.  My left knee was hurting.  Then my ribs were hurting on my left side.

There was a van coming toward my side.  I put the stop sign down after I had rolled the window down.  I stated that I had fallen and suddenly I lost my glasses.  The guy stated that he would not park there.  His wife came out and started to look for my glasses.  She found and clean them and stated if I lost my cell phone –it had been in my pocket.  She gave me both  I thanked her for helping me.  I had asked the Lord to bless all who stopped and helped me.   I slowly  coming out of the parking lot.  Had wanted to make tacos for supper but that did not happen.  It did hurt going up and down the hills.

“We are not placed on this earth  To walk alone…… He who knows us better than  We know ourselves  He, who sees the larger picture And who knows the end  From the beginning  Has assured us that He will be there for us To provide help if we but ask.  ” by Pres. Thomas S Monson

Breakfast: Egg nest: either bought hashbrown or shredded up potatoes.  Cook on med heat.  Beat eggs.  shred up cheese and put into beaten eggs.
Add salt and pepper to taste.  When the hashbrowns are golden on one side flip.  Pore egg mix on hashbrowns.  Cover and steam.  Cook until eggs are done.

Melted ham and cheese sandwich.

Supper: Pea salad: a mix of can peas two boiled eggs,  pintos,  sandwich spread.  Cool until ready to eat.  pulled pork, beef, or chicken.  Then let it simmer with homemade barbeque sauce or bottle ones.  Potato salad: A mix of boiled potatoes,  boiled eggs with melted butter, red onion and sandwich spread. mix well.

game: This is for a group of children.  I played this game as a child.  I think some older ones would like it too.  It is called strut miss Lucy.  Divide two teams.  One side goes first.  Flip a coin and call heads or tells.  When the last one on the first teams plays the second team goes first.  The song goes like this: Strut miss Lucy, Strut miss Lucy all the way home.  repeat   until the character ends to the line.  Each character does his or her own thing (as long decent and no cussing)  they can do a little dance or wave their own hands or anything each like.  It needs to be different each time except the second team has to try to copy the first team.  The second team sing: Here comes another one just like the other one all the way home and also repeat until the character goes back in line at the end.  Could use two or more characters and it would go faster.  Just have fun is the most important.

craft: Necklace: yarn and beads.  Pick your color of yarn,  Pick your color (s) of beads.  You chose if you want to weave three or more strans,  Knot the end of your strans.  If you crochet put beads on you thread and then make a slip knot.  Be sure to make the necklace long enough for your neck and to drape as long as you want it. weave or corchet the beads into the pattern you want.  When finshed tie an over knot or slip knot.  have fun.

parenting: Play music or sing to them when they are getting out of hand,  This calms so many.  Teach them songs and again smile and remember they are learning.  We should always learn no matter baby or in 100s.  We live longer by stuying and learning everyday ———————————————————–

organize: It has been said that when you start cleaning start in the attick or garage.  Start in a corner.  Be honest with yourself.  Can you really use it this year.  Is it really refference?  Remember the music method and turn it on and do your cleaning and spend thirty min.  on it.  Be sure to have a cut off time.  I was cleaning from seven to seven and I hated it.  Be sure to have some fun during the day.  If you don’t you will stop and or give up trying.  Believe in yourself.  You are ok.  Yes, the past haunts us sometimes.  Sometimes makes us cry.  That is when you grab your hobby and music or tv and rest for awhile.

When a OH NO happens your way just remeber there will be a Oh Yes comming your way later; But to be sure take time to look down and case your surroundings before you walk or take a leep.

=====Story starter:  I see the clouds roaming the sky.  The thunder roars.  The lighting flashes like a jiggle saw puzzle across the sky. The tornado is coming my way.  Oh NO …….


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